Ten Most-Pirated Movies

I am not entirely sure what this says about us as a species:

1. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

2. Stolen ( starring Nicholas Cage)

3. Safety Not Guaranteed

4. Madagascar 3

5. Ice Age: Continental Drift

6. Hotel Transylvania

7. On the Road

8. Prometheus

9. Men in Black 3

1o. That’s My Boy

Other than Hotel Transylvania, not a single film out in wide release made the list.

Odd List of 10 Most Pirated Movies [Studio Briefing]

10 most pirated by Americans? Why else would Last Year at Marienbad not be on the list?

God help me. It’s 5:10 and Tweety’s already foaming at the mouth, spittle flying.

Haven’t seen any of these yet, but Safety Not Guaranteed is in my Netflix queue and I’ll probably see On The Road when it comes to DC. Was Prometheus as preposterous as it looked?

Jesus Christ. Tweety and the crew are on air demolishing the president. I’ve never seen anything like this. Screaming at each other about how useless he is. Turned it off. The Seventh Seal is on Nickleodeon.

I have friends in Safety Not Guaranteed, although I haven’t seen it yet. I am therefore biased. Very interesting that it’s on the 10 most pirated list.

@Benedick: “Turned it off.”

Three simple words that take care of so many of life’s pressing problems. I can guarantee that if I turn the TV on tonight it won’t ever be to a station with coverage of the pre-debate, the debate, or the post-debate. I may definitely see if there is another Spencer Tracy movie on TCM.

@mellbell: added SNG to Netflix … 300 plus DVD queue … I might die before I get thru them all.

@blogenfreude: I didn’t know they had that many movies.

@Benedick: @mellbell: Listen to too many podcasts … every time a director tells me to add a movie or documentary I do it. Some of the things that arrive in my mailbox … I can’t even remember why I ordered them.

@blogenfreude: Good God, man, you can’t listen to directors. Might as well talk to the cat.

Maybe it’s basically a list of movies people would in no way pay a dime to see, but for some reason, curiousity aroused by some bit of trivia associated with them makes them worth torrenting.

@mellbell: I wouldn’t recommend anybody being within shouting distance of me when I finally see On The Road, although I loved the director’s Motorcycle Diaries and think Vigo as “Old Bill Lee” aka William S. Burroughs is a brilliant choice.

However, unless it is shot with a single camera mounted on the front seat of the car, as Kerouac originally pitched it to Brando, it can’t possibly work.

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