Black Eagle Has Landed

Four years ago, the drama and tension at the Democratic convention was palpable: Not just whether Hillary and Barry would kiss and make up, not even whether Teddy would survive the flight to Denver — but whether Barack Obama would pull off The Big Speech.

And, for that matter, whether the weather would let him.

Everything was at stake that Thursday night: The stage columns may have been a tad much, but Obama had to fill an imaginative void in the American mind, the void where President Black Man would go, and not just one from the movies or Allstate commercials. You couldn’t know that within three years, he would be strolling up an ornate hallway to tell us that Bin Laden was sleeping with the fishes.

And this time? Hey, he can phone it in.

He can phone it in because after the Missus, and especially after Bubba, the point’s been made. Barack Obama doesn’t have to deliver The Greatest Speech In His Life — just a typically good one. And if it’s indoors because thunderstorms threatened the stadium, no matter. Maybe even better: Less chance of unfriendly comparisons that way.

So, in welcoming you to our DNC Open Thread/Open Bar, the word is: Relax. The Convention’s work is already finished, and we’re just marking time until the debates.


YAY! 24 shout out when it was interesting.

I will miss this, sadly. But I look forward to reading your pithy comments tomorrow.

Stinque on — and yes, you can go back. And forth. And back. Spice of life, such as.

@JNOV: The first episode I watched — out of bored curiosity — President Allstate got knocked off in the first five minutes. Two hours later, I was hooked.

Turns out that was the only decent season. But man, was it fun.

Gabby recites the Pledge. Stinque editorial position on the Pledge now conflicted.

@nojo: At last night’s Dodger game, the first pitch was thrown by a little boy, maybe 5 years old, whose legs were so crippled that he couldn’t stand. He sat on the grass about 10 feet from the plate and threw a strike to the Dodgers’ catcher.

Lesson: no fucking whining. Get to work.

Barry just hit me up for fifteen bucks “before I take the stage”.

@nojo: Me too. Sen. Ketchup has the podium, so this is a good time to go check the oil in my car.

@Dodgerblue: You’ll have plenty of time to ignore him when he takes over State from Hillary.

@Dodgerblue: We seem to be in the minority regarding Sen. Ketchup’s performance. But I’ll stand by my judgment that dead wood delivering jokes is still dead wood.

@nojo: Oil level is good. Went to the store to get soy milk — chemo mouth sores are back. Not that I’m whining.

@Dodgerblue: You mean Kerry? I refuse to watch conventions and awards shows at this point.

/sticks head out window/

Oh, hey! Mostly clear and in the low 70s in Charlotte. Beautiful night for an outdoor event!

@peggynooner: But they were still forecasting thunderstorms as late as 6:30pm local. I was checking the Weather Channel website this afternoon as the fauxtroversy heated up.

The Obama Campaign made the right choice moving Plugz out of prime time. Zzzzz.

Judging by Twitter, I’m also in the minority about Plugz.

@nojo: My wife just walked in and said “He’s still on?”

Network prime time. Get off the stage, Plugz.

@Dodgerblue: He seems to have learned the wrong lessons from Bubba last night.

Biden said “one more thing” five more things ago.

I really thought he was going to lose it there for a minute.

Ah, Clooney. I knew you’d show up sooner or later.

@flippin eck: Thank you. Couldn’t place the narrator’s voice. I see you broke down. ;-)

Real life TIVO – get shit done, turn on the tv, and the Eagle has landed.

Glad I already said the speech doesn’t have to be great — Plugz really sapped my energy.

@nojo: Gave me a chance to get my stuff together for a trip to the mountains.

@Mistress Cynica: It’s brutal when they come for your liberal card. They sit you down and explain to you that they’re not angry, just disappointed. I’d just assume avoid that trauma.

@nojo: Nearly indistinguishable from a State of the Union thus far. Well, apart from the universal applause.

@Mistress Cynica: He mentioned global warming, and my Twitter feed went nuts.

Obama’s giving the third-best speech this week.

I’m so fucking glad he didn’t try to pull that off in a stadium.

I really think they should have gone with “Born in the USA” for his song.

@Mistress Cynica: I think that’s already on a campaign mug.

@mellbell: Judging by me Twiiter feed, a lot of people had a SOTUgasm at the same moment. But also judging by my feed, many watched a much more exciting speech than I did.

@nojo: No surprise, my Twitter feed reflects my biases.

It will never not have an emotional and rhetorical punch when he switches from speaking to preaching.

I was pleasantly surprised with his mention of citizenship. He took a distinctly JFK turn for a few seconds. I was afraid that the “Ask not…” meme had passed into history forever.

This chick’s about to get an unpleasant visit from the Secret Service.

@Dodgerblue: I keep Weigel in mine, since he’ll retweet folks beyond the bubble. But inside the bubble, the choir was definitely preached to.

Me, I don’t like nodding in agreement if the words are agreeable. Delivery counts. And to my taste, the delivery was flat tonight — I didn’t feel anybody outside of partisans sitting up and paying attention. Unlike, say, Denver 2008.

But hey, Bubba. Tonight didn’t matter. The Story of the Convention was already written.

Great night, triumphalist and triumphant. Though I still say Johnny Earl could totally take him over three rounds our president slammed that mother out the park (that’s a sport metaphor having to do with balls). Many great moments. Our vice president was lyrical, emotional, a touch WTF, and totally engaging. Many other terrific speakers and much to consider haberdashierly speaking. I noticed that senator Kerry had some kind of weird, too-long thing going on with his shirt collar and for a man that rich he should know how to knot a tie properly so that it has a pleat. Speaking of which there was a deplorable consensus to wear club ties. No. We are not at Eton. As ever, the president sported an exquiseitly balanced jacket, shirt, tie combo and though I missed that soft old rose clocked in cream I could see the necessity of a manly blue. Great night for him though I wonder how well he’d do facing Johnny Earle in nothing but his crisp starched trim cut pale blue boxers. I doubt he’d be on his feet for long.

Four more years!

BTW, what was that ghastly music at the end with the incomprehensible ‘lyrics’?

I got a post-speech plea for money from Obama to match the pre-speech appeal. No electrons go to waste in this campaign.

@Benedick: I told my viewing compatriots that Biden should have gone Full Windsor and they were like “Bwuh?”

@Benedick: I must be officially old when I no longer recognize the music played at political conventions.

@Mistress Cynica: Oh, so we’re talking about something other than the song right after O’s speech? No idea.

@Mistress Cynica: There’s a gag making the rounds that they both sounded like Coldplay.

(No, I’m not going to explain. I earned that reference.)

For the record, Bono before, Bruce after.

So where’s the best spot to watch the video? I just got done with work.

@Mistress Cynica: I echo Benedick’s suggestion to go to Bath if you haven’t before. My inner Jane Austen fan/geek loved it. And I want to know about the 25 pound car service.

@Dodgerblue: Sorry to hear that, slugger. Did you recently start another round?

@SanFranLefty: They’re replaying it on MSNBC on the West Coast, moron. Guess I’ll liveblog with myself…

OMG, Sasha and Malia are all grown up!!!

@nojo: I think I just had my Unicorn POTUSgasm when he turned and looked at the camera — and maybe it’s my lack of sleep but I’m bawling while yelling “Preach it, Barry!”

The difference could not be any more stark. Shelley Oh started the “we’re not like them” theme and he just hit it home (crowd shots really making the point).

All I want to know is when he going to fire his moronic secretary of the treasury, fuckface Tim, and can all the bankster scum that are running his administration.

@FlyingChainSaw: Look at the pretty lights, Chainsaw. Isn’t the music cool? Look, a fog machine!

@FlyingChainSaw: Mebbe, just mebbe, if he’s reelected (and I’m counting on Nojo’s take on the electoral college numbers), mebbe then he’ll ease Geithner et al out (firing not his style) and rein Wall Street in a bit. Always provided, of course, that anything at all can be done with the malevolent dunces in Congress. Please God, let Elizabeth Warren and others like her get voted in. Anyway, an old lady can hope.

@lynnlightfoot: Unless something dramatically changes, I’m sticking with my call.


House & Senate are up for grabs — especially the Senate. Imagine Republicans controlling the Cabinet/Supreme Court nomination process, and, well…

Maybe we’ll get lucky, but right now the next two years look as ugly as the last two.

You know what would have made my night? Lewis Black and an empty chair.

@lynnlightfoot: Wall Street doesn’t need to be reined in. Everyone who ever worked there needs to be dismembered and the pieces thrown out of helicopters over wildlife preserves and the banking regulations need to be returned to 1972 vintage (a deliciously boring year in banking). Geithner needs to be drowned to death in a vat of rat shit and force fed in small chunks to Alan Greenspan until he expires or demands a firing squad.

Then the halftime show!

Cheney and GW Bush are led out onto a football field populated with displaced, impoverished Iraquis whose families have been destroyed, each and every one holding farm implements and portable power tools. Flesh ripped from their writhing carcasses will be cooked on portable hibachis on the sidelines and fed to the waiting crowd of avenging citizens in a satanic communion.

@FlyingChainSaw: Mmmm, hibachis.

I’ve missed you, sunshine.

Don’t be a stranger for the next couple months. I plan to unleash you on all the voter suppression states, starting with Florida.

@Benedick: haberdashierly speaking

Is that a Harry Potter reference. Damn, you Brits are cliquish. ;-P

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