Douchebag Bigot


What kind of severe reaction formation would force you to tattoo that on yourself? Give yourself a break, honey, and suck a dick already!

A tattoo, like a Tweet, is forever.

As a recovering fundie xtian, what kills me is that most fundies believe that the NT pretty much gets rid of the rules and penalties of the OT. The rules that make it to the NT are the 10 Commandments, but you can bypass them if you repent.

So, if you can now eat shellfish, not have to be a Jew to be One of the Elect, and so on, all that other stuff no longer matters. Paul added enough crap to make the NT just as fucked up as the OT. So why do fundies turn to the OT for this kind of silly shit?

Oh, yeah: It’s all silly shit.

@I’m passing for white: Let’s not forget the part in Leviticus where if you rape a woman, you then have to marry her. If that’s what they mean by “traditional marriage,” well….

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