Grow Up, Kid

Title: “The Duckling Gets a Cookie!?”

Author: Mo Willems

Rank: 63

Blurb: “The Pigeon is back (hooray!) and this time the drama centers on an adorable little duckling who gets a cookie just by asking — politely. Just by asking?! Politely reminds the duckling, but the Pigeon is already off on a hilarious rant about all the things he asks for — many of which readers of the earlier Pigeon books will remember — ending with the all-too-familiar refrain, ‘It’s not fair.'”

Review: “The book is low on plot and low on words in general.”

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Footnote: Can we have Medicare for All and hang government torturers by their thumbs? Please?

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“It’s not fair” should be the first thing any kid learns.

And the 2nd is that when life is “fair” then you probably won’t like that either.

Finally got a good night’s sleep last night. Been sleepless for 6 nights.

Did most of the things I should have done during the week but was too lethargic to do in 2 hours.

Self publishing will kill us all.

/dawn of the internet age/

Scientists have discovered an early internet access contraption. The old-timey device only has three settings: Cats, Tits, and Other.

I don’t think I can handle thirteen weeks of two ad teams unironically arguing the finer points of Subway breakfasts.

@¡Andrew!: I think Other is just an excuse to provide a spare knob.

I’ll pass on the show and subway breakfasts.

If only Newt could hang in long enough to see baked beans at his lunar colony.

Hey, it’s Maru! In a cat-shitter commercial!

He could always photo shop them into Space 1999 episodes.

She was simply helping to find Mr. Sterling’s contact lens, dear.

Don and Sally both had their illusions popped.

Would lunar-colony baked beans create a methane problem?

Only if it were done Blazing Saddles style.

The song fits so well even if it would be quite anachronistic.

I thought the episode was quite telling about how the establishment works.

@I’m passing for white:
Hanging out with Chuck Cunningham and the first Darren and the previous Bobbies.

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