Croesus Astride La Jolla

“It may not help Romney — whose wealth has caused him trouble connecting with average folks — to be seen building a split-level, four-vehicle garage that comes with a ‘car lift’ to transport automobiles between floors.” [Politico]


And he’s buying a car lift to hea-vennnnnn!

Also, it was reported yesterday that Mitt hired a lobbyist to get the house through the permit process. Down I-5 in Sandy Eggo, I’m not sure I’ll be allowed to breathe the same air.

@nojo: Imagine if Code Enforcement showed up at the Bat Cave.

I recall that Green Hornet’s lair on the TV series had a device that slowly rotated his regular wheels into the floor to reveal the Black Beauty.

@redmanlaw: I loved that garage. The chauffeur was pretty cool, too. Whatever happened to him?

@nojo: Did some kung fu movies, died in obscurity.

John Podhoretz tweets: “Has it occurred to anyone that Ann Romney has multiple sclerosis? Oh, no?”

I’ll throw that to the floor: Do you all feel guilty now? If you needed a four-car garage on a limited site, wouldn’t you insist on a car elevator for your disabled spouse?

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