It’s All Your Fault

Our guest columnist is Geraldo Rivera.

His hoodie killed Trayvon Martin as surely as George Zimmerman did…

No one black, brown or white can honestly tell me that seeing a kid of color with a hood pulled over his head doesn’t generate a certain reaction, sometimes scorn, often menace.

When you see that kid coming your way, unless you specifically recognize him you are thinking ghetto or ghetto wannabe high-style or low-brow wise-ass. Pedestrians cross the street to avoid black or brown hoodie wearers coming their way…

If you dress like a hoodlum eventually some schmuck is going to take you at your word.

Trayvon Martin Would Be Alive but for His Hoodie [Fox News Latino]

His head is as full as Al Capone’s vault.

Oh, and someone stole my kid and replaced him with an asshole, but at least he’s alive. He’s been profiled, but the only profile that fits right now is complete asshole. Wasn’t he supposed to do this shit in high school?

I’m taking to my bed.

(He loves Donnie Darko.)

Also, don’t dress in a dark suit and skinny tie, or you’ll be marked as a Dangerous Radical. At this point, your safe bet is Colorful Sweaters.

@nojo: Then you’ll be marked as Bill Cosby.

@JNOVw00tah: Correct. And who would shoot Bill Cosby? Case closed.

@nojo: Well, he felt me up when I was 19…

@JNOVw00tah: And what were you wearing? Clearly, that’s what all this is about: Fashion Victims.

@nojo: Slut Gear: Probably orange or yellow neon Forezna sweatshirt, Guess ankle zipper jeans, blue sneakers from Zipperhead on South Street (possibly My Adidas), cream Gazelles (could only find pic of black), dolphin earrings, and BIG hair.

I’ll be sure never to wear my miniskirt out in public, in case I get raped and someone says I asked for it.

It’s terrible, but garbage like this makes me wish Geraldo would take a wrong turn and wind up getting beaten up for being an “illegal”. After all, to somebody who’s dumb enough and racist enough he could look like one, right?

I’m sure Geraldo is eating up the opprobrium. He is an attention whore and will stomp the body of murdered boy to get it.

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