Also, There’s a Black Man Prowling the White House

“Rick Santorum said President Obama set a bad example and potentially endangered American tourists by letting his daughter Malia go to Mexico on a spring break vacation… There is no State Department travel warning in effect for Oaxaca.” [TPM]


BTW, this is bringing up this ad from the Koch-heads at AFP:

Anybody else wanna punch the smug motherfucker on that page in the mouth?

Jesus, the stupid just hurts so much with this one.

Well, that’s because in Frothy Mix’s world, the girls and wimmin-folk can only leave the house if accompanied by a male family member and fully veiled.

Pretty funny that Glen Beck of all people was the one who fact-checked Ricky.

How long before Pat Robertson or some other asswit says it’s God trying to punish Obama?

Counsel, you’ve opened the door. We can now talk shit about your underage children.

@SanFranLefty: Borowitz said that God is pissed because Tebow will be traded.

@SanFranLefty: did you see the teapublican’t moron in the virginia state house who couldn’t say vag…, pu…, or any other word like that but blamed the media for his wife not having sex with him?

@Dodgerblue: yeah but tebow found out who God really favors, Tennessee Jesus aka Peyton Manning. Unfortunately God never smiled on Peyton or Tennessee against Florida and tebow. Manning was 0-4 against the gators and Tebow was 4-0 against the rocky toppers. so this is the first time Peyton beat florida and the first time Tebow lost to Tennessee. Also, John Elway was a number one pick of the Colts who lead Denver to 5 super bowls, winning two. Now the Broncos have another number one pick of the Colts and we’ll see what happens.

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