Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Zionists …

I love this man:


As The Rude Pundit sez 24 Feb
“There’s a common thread here that the Rude Pundit can’t quite figure out, a nation involved in this fearmongering that has controlled a great deal of U.S. foreign policy in the region for decades. It’s on the tip of his tongue. Gosh, he really wishes he could connect the dots. Of course, if one does ever connect ’em, one will automatically be accused of being anti…well, something or other.”

Among my good friends over years are both Jews and Muslims. When they get together, they work and play without any more problems than the rest of us have with individuals. The problems are with mentally-inbred fundamentalists of all sects and cults, including so-called Christians who abhor everything supposedly taught by the supposedly real Jesus. Most of these cripple the minds of their young by repressing their thoughts, mostly by their fear of sex, which makes them into brain-dead zombie warriors for their particular religion, especially the young men whose testosterone is subverted into hate of the others and promises of a ‘better life when they’re dead’.

Well, as RevZafod and Rev Ivan Stang say, there IS a simple answer, dear friends. It’s J. R “Bob” Dobbs and his Church of the Subgenius. You can see the video MTV paid $15k for and the ‘making of’ at:
You can’t beat this for over half-an-hour of edutainment, and save your own ass from fryin’ and dyin’at the same time.
Costs now $30 for ordainment, updated info at
Ole RevZafod is heavily involved. Labcoats? Me. Offer dollars? Me.

Anyway, fuck the fundamentalists of any religion and their wars. And RevZ is a Vietnam vet, over Tet 68.

But that’s too hardcore for most. Slack for everyone, and Praise “Bob”.

It’s all about Borat.

@RevZafod: Gonna take me a day or two to catch up but I will do it! We have a bond, bro. I was drafted in 69 and bolted for the motherland left the US to accept a job opportunity in the UK. The medical was enough to convince me it was time to go.

@RevZafod: The thing about the Church of the SubGenius is that, from this distance, it’s amazing how anybody ever heard of it. How did we ever survive pre-Internet?

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