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Newt at Florida’s “Space Coast”: “By the end of my second term we will have the first permanent base on the moon and it will be American.” [TPM]


@redmanlaw: I’m too lazy to hunt down a Space: 1999 reference.

His campaign could replace Space 1999 as the biggest bomb man has ever made.

@redmanlaw: the teapublican’ts will make damn sure the moon base is NOT on the dark side of the moon. and none of them better not try to immigrate to the light side of the moon neither.

Forget the unemployed NASA engineers vote block–it’s all about Callista.

But high-speed trains don’t make sense.

It’d be perfect – Newt could establish a teabagger hangout, and enjoy the ultimate irony of a bunch of TR00 PATRIOTS whining about the evils of government spending while breathing taxpayer-provided air inside the largest government boondoggle ever. It’d basically be same thing as the Red states are now, just in space.

Plus, there are the likely outcomes of totally regulation-free construction in hard vacuum to consider… ;)

Not odd considering Teabagger come lately Newty spent most if not all of his life sucking at the gubbiment teat.

Wonder if the Democrats are smart enough to save the awful shit against Newt that’s not yet been disclosed until after he gets the nomination (should he get it).

@nojo: I was going to post this story with the headline “Ground Control to Major Newt” and a still from Moonraker.

Fucking job getting in the way.

@blogenfreude: You just know that Bill and Hillary Clinton have to have a file as thick as Newticle’s ass full of damaging info.

@SanFranLefty: I’m thinking one or two other women and some pretty serious campaign violations. But I’d prefer hooker schtupping.

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