Badass New Yorkers.

You loved the badass Honeybadger? Meh. Kinda cute. This is badass. The streets of New York.

Thanks JMG for being you.


Mr. B, I thought of you today. I was in my local coffee place for an afternoon jolt when in walked three hunky, handsome young firefighters. They were in uniform but their suspenders were down, if you get my drift, showing tight t-shirts and what lay thereunder. Two of the three looked like they could wrestle; the third, maybe not. More of the intellectual type.

Badass New Yorkers love Times Square? Fuck you – we fucking hate Giuliani Plaza.

@Dodgerblue: Firefighters are baaad news. Trust me.

@Bene: Look, Honey Badger don’t give a shit. Let’s see the “Badass New Yorker” get bitten by a cobra and get the fuck up. Not. Gonna. Happen.

@JNOV will finish this lovely sweater today or bust: Let’s see…

To participate, shoppers need to scan or search for a product using Amazon’s Price Checker app for iPhone [iTunes link] or Android devices and add it to their shopping carts. They’ll then have 24 hours to complete their purchase through any Amazon channel, including Amazon’s other apps and

Looks like you don’t complete an order with the app itself, but just add stuff to your cart. And the Kickback Linque is just a form of cookie — it’s a referral code embedded in the URL. So I’ll guess that you can use the app, then visit Amazon by using the Linque, and everything’s cool.

Or, y’know, don’t worry about it. Using the Linque isn’t supposed to be complicated.

@nojo: We like the Nojo Beer Fund. It helps the R debates bring the lulz. Trust.

P.S. I think you’re fake drinking gaming anyway… :-*

How about the fucked up NYPD? Giving LAPD a run for the money.

‎”But some of the people who posted comments seemed emboldened by Facebook’s freewheeling atmosphere. ‘Let them kill each other,’ wrote one of the Facebook members who posted comments under a name that matched that of a police officer.

“ ‘Filth,’ wrote a commenter who identified himself as Nick Virgilio, another participant whose name matched that of a police officer. ‘It’s not racist if it’s true,’ yet another wrote.

“The officers were at times spurred on by civilian supporters and other city workers, including members of the Fire Department, an analysis indicated.

“It is impossible to say with certainty whether those quoted are the people they claim to be. But a comparison by The Times of the names of some of the more than 150 people who posted comments on the page with city employee listings showed that more than 60 percent matched the names of police officers, and Mr. Browne did not deny that they were officers. Of course, some people do circumvent Facebook’s rule on identification.”

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