We’re About a Mile to the Left

While we were sleeping — and waking up and sleeping and waking up and sleeping and waking up and sleeping and waking up and sleeping and waking up and sleeping — America’s Finest were busy building a floating basketball court in America’s Finest City, preparing to host a game today (7pm ET, ESPN) between Michigan State and North Carolina.

Not as glamorous as its previous mission, however — the USS Carl Vinson is better known for taking Osama Bin Laden on his last ride before being dumped at sea.

[via Deadspin/RML]

This is tangentially related to the post because it involves a sinking ship:

[Herman Cain!] is a self made man who has never been phased by what is expedient or easy, but has spent his life pursuing his American Dream by first considering what is right.

It’s hard to believe that no one has written about the thousand gems at Cain!’s website.

So I’m working at home today wondering why the fuck they were showing all these war movies on National Metal Day, which would have been pretty metal if it wasn’t acually Veterans Day, too.

Waiting for kid and friends after school dance. The schools founder bought his painting tonight at a fundaiser. He was so excitd h couldn’t breathe.

@redmanlaw: +1 for RML Jr on the sale. Prom had a good post on FB reminding us that 11.11 used to stand for the end of Wars to End All Wars ™.

In Manchu’s ancestral lands, apparently mothers were filling up the C-section schedules of all the OB-GYNs to get their young ‘uns delivered on 11.11.11 – the first six digits on national identity cards.

Speaking about war and class(y) struggle, how’s it looking for Dux v. Tree today? Having hoisted many (many) rounds at Rennie’s across from the old law school in Eugene at Public Interest Environmental Law Conference/NCAA time, and played in a pick up band with OU UO law professors (“Sweet Jaaaaane, Sweet Jaaaaane . . . “) at said conferences where I was an attendee/presenter, I’m with the Dux today.

Installed a laser on my Glock last night and did a preliminary sight in. I’ll have a range report later. That’s what you can do with time not spent Facebooking or quaffing martinis.

@nojo: Owe. Mas cafe’, por favor.

Anyway, looks like it’s the 6 pm Mountain time game.

@redmanlaw: But yes, great burgers at Rennie’s. I would have gone there on my 21st, but I think it was still a photography studio at the time.

I know you were thinking geography. However, this item title would work equally well with tonight’s panderfest.

@redmanlaw: I need to go to that conference. My buddy at work goes and says the microbrew opportunities are awesome, and he would know.

@Walking Still: I’m not sure that distance is measurable.

@nojo & Walking Still: I estimate myself as being approximately 3,500 miles to the left of those freaks debating in South Crackolina tonight.

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