The Rick Perry Video Everybody Would Be Talking About If Everybody Wasn’t Talking About Herman Cain

We can’t decide whether he’s doing Paul Lynde, Charles Nelson Reilly, Wayland Flowers, or Rip Taylor.

[via Political Wire]

It’s Paul Lynde doing Carol Channing after four martinis.

At least 4. Where were his handlers?

@Benedick: @Dodgerblue: It’s the What Would Bush Be Like If He Still Drank bit.

Entertaining, but I sure don’t want to be around when Deranger’s glass goes dry.

ADD: So, with Lion, no more scroll bars. At. all. Gone, goodbye – everything is on the trackpad – plus – PLUS! – I can zoom in/out using the trackpad. Nifty

@Nabisco: None of that made a lick of sense to me, so I assume it has something to do with Apple, quantum physics or hockey.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Shorter version: for a $29 operating system upgrade, I turned my Apple laptop into an iPad with a full keyboard.

@Nabisco: Or if you’re me, you can rummage around Settings and put scrollbars back, because dammit, I don’t like living with that kind of uncertainty.

We’ve given out around 400 poeces of candy tonight. Now we’re getting the kids with deeper voices than mine.

@Dodgerblue: I think we did about 600, mostly DumDums lollipops, because we were giving it out by the fistful, especially as the evening wore on. We were getting adults in costume with their own bags, too. Losers. When we lived in this shithole town north of here called Espanola, we had pathetic drunk adults and their kids come about 9 o’clock, then just the drunks by themselves “dressed like hobos,” Mrs RML told a friend.

“They weren’t dressed up, baby,” I said.

Since Halloween is like Christmas for metalheads, I did the yard up right. I pulled the cars out of the driveway and hung a Coleman lamp put by the fence so the kids could see and also to light up my hanging ghosties and the zombie targets I placed around the yard and in a window. Son of RML said the yard looked “creepy as hell,” which I took as the highest compliment.

Kid comes home from trick or treating with friends (he’s 15 and I was opposed cuz I think that’s too old, especially since he’s about 6’2”, 220) and finds his old parents online with a Nirvana concert movie on TV* and a fire going, “I’ll have you know we were quite with it 20 years ago,” I told him.

Can’t let this fire go without having a martini in front of it later.

* Live at the Paramount. Very plugged in.

I handed out a mere 100 (and ate 5.) The problem is that the local fundie church holds their Jeebusween nite and bleeds off the kids.

Here I shut off the porch light at 9:30.

@redmanlaw: But what about shoe size? As the 6-2 runt of the family, I can brag to dad and bro that my 11-1/2 feet don’t cost me a fortune.

Also: I don’t remember when I stopped begging, but I can’t see going beyond grade school. After that, you switch to TP.

@nojo: 13

@Dodgerblue: When I lived there, you could not even buy a book in that town.

This fire and a martini is just what the doctor ordered. Tomorrow, Son of RML and I go back home and remember our ancestors.

Man, after my kid started trick or treating with friends, I put a bowl of candy on a folding chair and replenished it every once in a while. Once it was empty, light went out, chair and bowl came in, and a “Sorry — out of candy :-( ” sign went on the fence. I got damned tired of ooooing and ahhing over crap costumes or misguessing WTF some kid was supposed to be. Feh.

And, yeah, the teenagers in pajamas were ridiculous.

Oh, and in my hood, people get shot over Crunch bars.

We could carol at Christmas/Chanukah time where I grew up. That was nice, mumbling Good King Winsessloss and Draydull for strangers.

Back on topic — his tax plan will put millions of H&R Block seasonal workers and CPAs out of business. He’s killing jobs!

Whoa – Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky had a thing goin’ on? She just said, “dude, move in. It’s cool that you have a family, I love your music.”

Then Igor goes home and it’s a fucking hole with a shitload of kids and a sick wife. So Coco moved them all to her place? Stay tuned for “Papa Pays the Rent” (en francis). Went from the Sonic Youth documentary to this.

@redmanlaw: That would make a great #StravinskyPickupLines hashtag on Twitter, but I’ve just reached the limits of my cleverness.

@nojo: Still out there? I just got home from a 4pm-4am marathon review. 12a-12p tomorrow, then done. I need a bigger day.

And for that very reason no trick-or-treaters here, also because it’s a doorman building.

No kids trick or treating here. They know better. We are the creepy house at the end of the road.

@Benedick: I’d be creeped out by you, too, Tony.

@blogenfreude: We need to talk offline soon — I gots ideas that don’t include marathon doc review. Lemme know when your life settles some. jnovjezebel at that gmail place.

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