Herman Cain! Gets His Wish, Now Being Treated Like a Serious Candidate

“During Herman Cain[!]’s tenure as the head of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s, at least two female employees complained to colleagues and senior association officials about inappropriate behavior by Cain[!], ultimately leaving their jobs at the trade group, multiple sources confirm to POLITICO.”


Interesting when Dems do it … very funny when family-values Republicans do it. Wrong on a basic level, but wrong on a Biblical level when the GOP does it.

You do realize that these incidents will only make Cain more popular with the Tea Party, right? I mean, the guy’s last ad was basically a pro-smoking public service message. I fully expect Cain to run on a pro-drinking & driving platform. His next ad will likely feature Cain chatting with us as he chows on a juicy steak. Throughout the ad we see him cutting off the fat and moving it to the side of his plate. It’s only as the ad closes and the announcer speaks “I am Herman Cain and I approved this message” that we see him stabbing at the pieces of fat with his fork and realize, to our horror, that he was merely saving it for last.

@Serolf Divad:

Re: the pro-drinking and driving platform – I seem to recall that that actually WAS something he pushed, apparently in between bouts of skirt-chasing, at the National Restaurant Association.

So now we are free to ask Cain! what color undies he’s wearing, then.

“My Presidential Run is In God’s Hands”
Hermie Cain! Oct 15, 2011

God works in mysterious ways…

So the guy used to hand walk around the office naked with a rip snorter, glomming into female executives’ offices and command them to “talk to the schlong!”. Doesn’t anyone have a sense of humor any more?

“The bitch set me up” won’t work for him, thanks to the settlement agreements.

@Serolf Divad:
It also plays to the “rank hath its privileges” mentality of many Tea Partiers. They would feel entitled to perks if they were powerful so why should they begrudge Cain his perks. What’s the point of having attractive staff if you can’t play grab ass with them?

“Who wants some of this $9.99 pepperoni and extra cheese special? I’ll deliver it personally.”

Poor dude. Went to the National Restaurant Association to bolster his NRA cred and this is what he gets for his troubles.

In other news, Uranus is exploding.

A new University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll shows Herman Cain edging Perry in his home state among Republican voters, 27% to 26%. One more sign of how far Texas Gov. Rick Perry has fallen since he announced his presidential bid.


@redmanlaw: Remind me how Perry keeps getting elected in Texas. This guy would lose a debate to Benedick’s pugs.

@Dodgerblue: Hey. The pugs are pretty damn smart. I still don’t know how the older one went missing for two days and found her way home. I suspect that’s more than Perry could manage. Have we all seen his drunk speech at the Cornerstone Fag Bash Fest in NH? You know the jokes about him being Dubya without the gravitas or intellectual heft? They ain’t jokes.

@redmanlaw: In other news, Uranus is exploding. I hate it when that happens.

@Benedick: Yes. Reminds me of an experience I had with some bad sushi.

“And Cain answereth God, saying, ‘Am I my sisters’ keeper?’ Then he blameth the matter on the Liberals and sang hymns of praise.”

Cain apparently had a surge of recall and now remembers the alleged incidents. One, he claims, occurred when he compared a co-worker’s height with that of his wife. Just guessing here, but I suspect it wasn’t height that he was interested in. “Hey, are those real . . .”

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