Piers Morgan Brutalizes Christine O’Donnell

When faced with the sheer middle-class brutality of Piers Morgan’s attack-dog interview technique, Chrissy does what any self-respecting Bagger does when confronted with questions: she walks off the set. Or at least she tries to. As I’ve always said, if you plan on exiting in a huff don’t let them wire you under your clothes. You’ll be stuck in your seat and most likely trip on the wire.

Like most of you I too am outraged that Piers refused to ask Chrissy the questions she wanted to answer. What is he, a journalist?


How uncouth of Mr. Morgan to ask a lady what she believes! No gentleman, he. Has the man no shame?

Piers should have realized that Chastity Spice is so old-school that she’ll only put up with probing *questions* if she gets a ring first. ;)

All I want to know is: Do we get mentioned in her book?

Interviewing O’Donnell on a news program is the journalistic equivalent of teaching the retarded kid in the school yard to shout ‘fuck’.

@nojo: No kidding. We were the only family publication that had the guts to defend the honor of O’Donnell’s Glossy Beaver during the LadyBug scandal. I know she appreciated our advocacy on her behalf.

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