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“What Perry did was make a thoughtless blunder, an unforced error; we’re now going to spend a couple of days discussing whether he was summoning violence on Ben Bernanke’s head or not, which is of absolutely no use to Perry. He is, or was, moments away from becoming the race’s frontrunner, and what is in his interest is to harness the excitement of his late entry with qualities of leadership and control that will rally the majority of Republicans unhappy with the choices facing them to his side. Rick Perry made that more difficult today; this was a serious rookie mistake on the national stage.” Thank you, John Podhoretz. [Commentary]


The GOP is firmly in the grip of the Teabaggers, and they’ll vote for the guy making the most outlnadish statements and outrageous calls to physical violence.

So I’m not sure how this gets better for them.

Perry then fired both of his six shooters into the ground which rootin’ tootin’ lifted him right into the air dagnammit.

@Serolf Divad: But RepubliKKKans are the sole arbiters of the “center” of AmeriKKKan politics, so by this time next year we can fully expect Obamar to be calling for Bernanke’s death and the repeal of all laws and regulations as well.

Anyone who doesn’t accept this is clearly an idiot, an Unserious Person, or–worst of all–a hellbound LIBRUL!

@¡Andrew!: Went to church on Sunday then took Son of RML out to the desert to shoot a couple of hundred rounds or so out of a .22, .38 and a couple of 9 mms. I might get my liberal card flagged for review.

“Texans are just like North Koreans. They live in a horrible hell-hole, but they think it’s the greatest place on Earth.”

An old joke, but a true one.

@¡Andrew!: There was a nice Twitter two-step this morning: Somebody joked that Mittens should primary Obama, and then Harry Shearer responded, “From the Left?”

@redmanlaw: Spread the word! I grew up in Arkansas, and–shee-it we hate Texas–I’ve got a ton of these:

“If Satan owned Hell and Texas, he’d live in Hell and rent out Texas.”

“This Texas guy is hunched over and doin’ his sister when he says” hey Sis, guess whut ?, she says ” whut ?, he says “ya do it as good as mom does!” she says” really?, thats the same thing Dad said!”

“Did you hear about the Texan who passed away and left his entire estate in trust for his beloved widow? She cain’t touch it till she’s fourteen.”

in the movie geronimo, an american legend, al sieber (played by robert duvall) says of perrys statesmen:
“…texans, lowest form of white man there is”
apologies to texrednface, i’m sure al/robert was talking about texas teapublican’ts/secessionists.
here’s a clip from that little known but very strong western:

@¡Andrew!: Mrs. RML’s father (not her way respectable stepdad) made moonshine in Russell County, where he grew up.

@redmanlaw: if arkansas is like tennessee, he probably turned to growing some of the best pot in the world when all the once dry counties got liquor stores.

@jwmcsame: ‘taint nothin’ya’ll kin say that’ll make me feel lower than i feel already.

And just what kind of ugly would we do down here in Texas to a high profile banking official such as Ben Bernanke? Cut up his Neiman’s card?

We save the really ugly stuff for poor and darker folks like chaining them to a bumper and running down the road till their head pops off, or executing innocent folks in our prisons.

God and his Republican minions have been raining down Hell and Hate on Texas ever since Ann Richards made her “silver foot” speech at the 1988 Democratic convention. Cruel revenge.

@texrednface: is perry so fucked up he thinks he is running for the confederate states of america presidency? what if in the middle of his next hitleresque anti-american speech, someone sneaks on stage, hands him a note to which perry after an awkward pause replies:” oh shit, sorry bout all that. i got the wrong country. i thought it was the C! S A.”

@texrednface: how long before perry plays some willie, waylon, jerry jeff, or robert earl tunes pre-speech and gets roundly rebuked for doing so by the artists or their heirs?

@jwmcsame: Running for president of the C.S.A. is his entire election strategy.

@nojo: Harry Shearer. Hmm. Isn’t he some kind of… jokester?

@jwmcsame: If he plays Willie or Lyle I will need to cut the man.

@¡Andrew!: Why doesn’t Texas fall in the Gulf? Because Arkansas sucks.

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