Tweeting Dick Photos Seems So Quaint

Oregon Congressman David Wu (D), already under fire for behavior that one could generously describe as “erratic,” is now in a smoking pile of dog shit.  The Portland Oregonian is reporting that earlier this year, the high school aged daughter of one of his friends and campaign donors contacted his office and accused him of sexually assaulting her over Thanksgiving weekend at a family event.  When confronted by his staff, he said it was a consensual sexual encounter.  Sort of like the one in 1976 where he was disciplined by Stanford University for trying to rape his ex-girlfriend?

According to sources, the young woman did not contact police because she felt that there was not enough evidence of an assault, and it was her word against a seven-term Congressman.  Frankly, if I were in the jury, that would make her all the more believable.


We have got to get rid of this asshat.

Poor Tigger – nobody wants to make bouncy-bouncy with him.

How does this nutcase get reelected?

@Mistress Cynica: Is he your rep? Does his primary challenger have a chance? I would say so, after this, given he may be facing sexual assault charges in Orange County, CA.

@Dodgerblue: Portlandia.

@blogenfreude: I’m laughing, remembering Tigger’s entrance into Pooh when no one knows what to feed him. Every time someone suggests something he says, “Yes! That’s what Tiggers like!”

@SanFranLefty: Yes, his district includes Yamhill County. State Dem party has been trying for months to get Cray-zee to resign, but so far he’s refused. Not sure who they have lined up to run in the primary.

Wu already had the state labor commissioner and a state rep from his district lined up to challenge him for the primary. He won’t survive the Dem primary now and I expect he’ll find a way to resign for personal reasons before it comes to that.

@SanFranLefty: not really. Most of Portland (Multnomah County) is Blumenauer’s turf. Wu’s district includes a chunk of the western part of the city, the surrounding burbs, Yamhill Co., Niketown & Intel (Beaverton/Hillsboro) and the northwestern coast. If Rob Cornilles wasn’t such a milquetoast Republican Wu would have lost his seat last November.

@Dodgerblue: most of the erratic behavior surfaced post-election. I doubt he would have won had one of his staffers leaked to the press before November. Cornilles was just that bad.

@Mistress Cynica: I don’t know why the Dem leadership coddles him, but if they continue to, he’ll be primaried out. There are two competitors already (labor commissioner Brad Avakian and a state rep I don’t recall right now) and likely more coming with this accusation. Pelosi & Blumenauer need to push him out.

If you want to see it this is a video that was probably made by the Norwegian terrorist. Seems he’s a tea bagger. Marxist/Islam paranoia. EUSSR. The way you know he’s not American? No gays. But everything else checks out.

I keep hearing that Wu is nutty but I’ve never heard examples of anything he’s done, until this. What’s he done (other than this) that’s got everyone grumbling?

@karen marie has her eyes tight shut: Taking too many psychotropic meds at once, sending pictures of him in a Tigger suit to his staff…probably an everyday occurrence in Corporate America, but still a little whackadoodle. Granted, it’s not shitting in a diaper with a New Orleans hooker, in terms of hilarity – sexually assaulting teenaged girls is just horrid and criminal.

Oh, and my Congress Critter Nancy P is ordering an investigation into Wu’s actions. Given her Bal-more roots, I’m guessing he has 48 hours before she’s holding up a shank and telling him she’s cutting off Lil’ Wu if he doesn’t resign already.

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