Shrine On You Crazy Diamond

While we were, um, contemplating the Circle of Life at the Stinque Remote Office yesterday, we noticed an unusual gift that the Plumbing Gods had bestowed on our meditations.

Somewhere in this world is a marketing executive who knows his, um, business.


Finally, a toilet that won’t complain when I SHIT BRIX! :)

@Benedick HRH KFC: Yes, Glenda Jackson. I am now going to run about work hollering, “God’s deathhhhh!”

They have these grinder things in a local buffet toilet — people throw soiled underwear down there. (I wish I were making this up.)

TJ: Props to an awesome Republican for telling the rest of his party “fuck it, I don’t care what you think” when he announced he’s voting for ghey marriage in NY.

If my ancient saggy balls hang too low and get sucked down accidentally, will they be replaced with genetically identical originals under warranty? I’m concerned because of my fifth prospective wife at age 70. No kids I know of yet, but still hoping. I’ve found several hot prospects in recent days.

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