Twelve Podcasts

My top 12 podcasts (in no particular order):

1. Marc Maron’s WTF?

2. Adam Carolla

3. The 40 Year Old Boy (comedian Mike Schmidt)

4. Car Talk

5. Nerdist

6. Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me! (the NPR news quiz)

7. Waking from the American Dream (Kelly Carlin)

8. Judge John Hodgman

9. Comedy Death Ray

10. TBTL (microcelebrity Luke Burbank)

11. Jet Kingdom (first NY Jets podcast ever)

12. The Professional Left

And so many more: Kevin Smith’s Smodcast, Never Not Funny, NPR’s On the Media, Savage Love, Studio 360, RadioLab …

So what podcasts do you listen to – what am I missing?


Hunter and Greg, drunk in a noisy bar.

@JNOV knows Dick: is this a podcast I should subscribe to…?

@blogenfreude: I think there was only one installment, and it’s lost to posterity, if we’re lucky.

searched iTunes – nothing. so I count myself lucky … Anything you actually recommend?

@blogenfreude: Naw — it was from Cynics’ Party.

If I email you a very SFW picture of Cheyenne Jackson for Bene, will you post it, maybe? I’ll email it to you, and you decide.

Never mind — it’s in the clubhouse, Benedick HRH KFC FML

Someone lemme know when Callista’s eyeball has moved on.

@blogenfreude: @JNOV knows Dick: As I recall, it was Greg & GregBro. GregBro was some financial dude who once had something published in the nether regions of the NYT, and thus we were supposed to hang on his every word.

We, um, didn’t.

Somehow missed this from Friday:

Atlas Juggs tries to justify Serbian war crimes

Not even *pretending* to be anything but a fascist anymore, is she? Maybe Mladic can call her and Geert Wilders to defend him at the trial…

Thanx, Blogenfreude,

A few I knew, and some new ones for my daily edutainment, beating anything in the MSM.

@RevZafod: amazing what we learn from people putting up free content … bravo Maron, K Smith, Carolla, daughter of Carlin … we are lucky indeed.

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