Papa Haydn

Third movement of keyboard concerto in D major posted here … first and second movements as indicated:


One more classical piece and we’re going to start giving away tote bags with your generous donations.

@nojo: I would go 50 bucks for a Stinque tote bag … as long as we don’t go totes Prairie Home Companion …

@blogenfreude: I’ve got an XLR-equipped portable digital recorder on order, and I’m not afraid to go on a purring tear with it.

@nojo: and remember … I am the 1st person in the world to buy a Stinque hat … just sayin’ ….

@blogenfreude: And the only. I really should just zap the store and save seven bucks a month.

@nojo: and just bought a water bottle … photo here once it arrives … I love us!

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