James O’Keefe’s Hollywood Accounting

“It cost us about $50,000 when all is said and done to produce the NPR video. If you help us raise over $50,000, it will go toward our next video — after we pay off our credit cards, of course.” [TPM]


Kevin Smith made Clerks for 27 grand – O’Keefe clearly needs to learn filmmaking.

I don’t think it’s film making… in the grand tradition of RW blowhards, he’s padded the expense account.

If weasel-boy spent $50,000 on that video he needs to get a new producer. It could perhaps have cost as much as $2,000 to shoot it. If you got the NPR schmuck to pay for lunch (it’s NPR, you know they paid) allowing for liberal restaurants, lunch could have cost $1,200 – cheap for my favorite brasserie – which leaves what, $800 for production? Given that he shot it on his iPhone, girlfriend is paying way too much for post-production. But hey. We all tend to pay our LOVERS more than we might pay some guy who isn’t our BOYFRIEND when what we are is a red-blooded American male who is fapping over the ladies knickers breasticles. Just like Lee Attwater. He is my hero.

@ManchuCandidate: Maybe five large, being very generous. But since he presumably already owns the equipment — and we’re not talking a feature film, for chrissake — his main expense would seem to be a suit for the prankster.

On the other hand, maybe it’s time I raised my rates…

Oh, and he cooked up at least one website to backstop the prank. So add on a Geek Fee — although sheeit, I can’t see doing that for more than low four figures.

T/J for Mellbell: This is a rockin’ thunderstorm you ordered up for me tonight. I’m in DC for an overnighter, flying back to LA tomorrow. Where it’s also raining.

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