Keeping Kansas Klassy

Kansas State Rep. Virgil Peck (R-No Fashion Sense) yesterday suggested in an appropriations committee hearing on funding for a program to control feral pigs that the state’s population of undocumented immigrants could be similarly controlled — through hunters shooting at them from helicopters.

Peck refused to apologize for his comments, later saying, “I was just speaking like a southeast Kansas person,” and that he was just joking.

Your Stinque News Team is researching whether the Westboro Baptist Church is part of his constituency.

[H/T JNOV: ThinkProgress]

It is difficult to get my mind around that kind of behavi0r.
I’ll wager this isn’t the only outrageous remark he has made on any subject.
If shooting men, women and children from helicopters were sanctioned in the USA, would that Peckerwood have the balls to apply for the job?

Peck represents Montgomery County, along the border with Oklahoma, while the WBC cretins are in Shawnee County (Topeka), closer to Kansas City/Missouri.

Ugh, can we focus on Gregory Peck instead? Cuz he’s really quite pretteh.

@flippin eck: Not only quite good to look at, but a liberal, a nice guy, and a truly good man. Plus he had a wonderful voice.

@lynnlightfoot and flippin eck: Lurve Gregory Peck. And I will name my first born son Atticus. Or my next dog.

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