Hyperbolize Much?

So here’s a nice Fox News headline decribing Illegal immigration as “America’s 3rd War.”

Yeah, that’s right, Murdoch’s propaganda network is equating undocumented workers coming to the US looking for work with armed, violent insurgents in Iraq and the Afghan Taliban.

Stay classy, Fox. And, oh yeah, next time armed, anti-immigrant, border vigilantes murder a 9 year old girl as she pleads for her life, remind us how you had nothing to do with it.


Mubarak steps down.

and the crowd goes wild.

@Serolf Divad:

it is truly amazing. if you are not watching al jazzera you are missing one of the most amazing things ever.

honestly a little choked up. this could have come down so different.

Hosni, at least you can cry yourself to sleep in the bed of the $70 bajillion you “earned.”

for a man like Mubarak, who is apparently the original bubble boy, that is slim comfort. he never expected it to come to this Im guessing until the army came in and said, lets talk.

@Capt Howdy:
True. Most dicktators whether they run a mulitnational or a nation get off on power not cash (which is a nice side benefit.) My former CEO is a case in point. He’s so hard up to drink the “nectar” of power that he wrote an article last year in the WSJ begging for a job to my utter amusement and that of current/former coworkers.

As per Serolf’s original article…

Considering the history of US America/Messica relations it might be in Faux’s best interest to shut up. Demonizing the Mexicans isn’t going to help one damn bit.

A large part of the problem is cheap ass rich white people who’d rather pay pesos than dollars for labor. And the polices that many of those cheap ass rich white people support like subsidies for US America food products especially corn which has killed Messican agriculture.


Quite true. The trick is that the Minutemen and the rest of the crazees are part of the plan – it’s not enough to have people desperate for a better life, they’ve gotta be TERRIFIED of the randomly violent enforcement mechanisms to make sure they don’t go all Cesar Chavez on the rich.

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