Court Gives Rahm the Finger

“Rahm Emanuel was thrown off the ballot for mayor of Chicago today by an appellate court panel, a stunning blow to the fund-raising leader in the race. An appellate panel ruled 2-1 that Emanuel did not meet the residency standard to run for mayor.” [Chicago Sun-Times]


That sputtering sound that you hear is the Chicago Democratic machine firing up their engines. They, god forbid, may actually have to work to win an election…

Let’s adjust that headline a tad. I must be slow waking up this morning.

@homofascist: I, for one, refrain from making the same jokes on both FB and Stinque. :P

@flippin eck: I’m sorry, it was just too good to not post twice…

I would have been surprised if the ruling had gone in Rahm’s favor.

I haven’t laughed so uncontrollably since (SPOILER ALERT) Big left Carrie at the alter in the Sex in the City movie. Yes I know, I’m a bad person.

I hope there’s video of him exiting the courthouse in the usual Rahm fashion: Flashing the kray-zee eyes at the judges and drawing his index finger across the throat.

Now he’ll have a complete set. Wait! Not that kind of finger?

“Cocksucker, you lousy pig-fucker, you bitch, you ugly whore!”* Rahm probably screamed as he was dragged out of the courtroom.

*Lifted entirely from Serial Mom, the To Kill a Mockingbird for a new generation.

@¡Andrew!: The world is still waiting for a Rahm/Deadwood mashup.

@homofascist: I’m going right to H-E-double hockey sticks for linking this. (Audio 100% NSFW)

Meanwhile, Keef comes out of hiding:

At exactly 8 Eastern tonight I will issue my first tweet. Well, other than THIS one :)

Given that he has the Conan No-Bitching Agreement, I doubt the 8 p.m. Tweet will convey much news.

@nojo: Does this asshole really think anyone cares? Does anyone actually read his tweets besides fuckwitted celebrity reporters?

@FlyingChainSaw: He actually has a cult following fan base.

Me, I’m now playing the Tweety game with Larry: How close to 6pm PT do I turn on the TV for Rachel, so as to avoid her lead-in as much as possible?

@homofascist: Oh hay I just found our newest recruit for the Homofascist Army. You’re welcome.

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One: Except that “gravitas” on MSNBC means pantomiming the lyrics to “Life During Wartime”*. I mean seriously, how many people can you dress up in wide lapels, pink shirts and mafia striped suits – I’m looking at you, young man from the Nation – before the audience understands that Keef’s wardrobe is a uniform.

*”I’ve changed my hairstyle/so many times now/I don’t know what I look like.” (you’re welcome)

Oh, hey! I didn’t realize Hurricane Carter was still alive! And with that tidbit, I wish you all a goodnight

@¡Andrew!: Yay! Okay, I’ll check the rest of the linkies tomorrow. You boys have been BUSY. Get busy, child.

@Tommmcatt is with Karin Marie on This One: I’d love to gravitas, ifyouknowwhatimean. And I don’t usually like the gingers.

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