Early Teabaggery

Did not know that brainwashed Texas schoolchildren applauded when JFK was killed:


Yeah, the wanted poster has been reproduced in a number of venues but the psychopathized kids angle I’d not heard about.

The sound quality on this file is stunningly beautiful, by the way. I hope this shows us a better future for Internet-mediated video and audio.

… but the psychopathized kids angle I’d not heard about.

They now work for Fox News, R.M. Scaife, and the Heritage Foundation.

@FlyingChainSaw: Remember the “Impeach Earl Warren” billboards?

That the media ignores the fact that billionaires use their money to kill off the country’s progress is … predictable.

And now for something more uplifting:

The father of the youngest victim of the Arizona massacre says some of her organs have been donated to a young girl in the Boston area.
John Green tells The Boston Globe in Sunday’s edition that he received a phone call about the transplant, but says he doesn’t know any other details about the donation.
He says the call “really lifted” his spirit and says he and his wife are proud parents once again of their daughter, “who has done another amazing thing.”

I’m divided between being depressed at this (because it means that teatardism isn’t a recent development) and being pleased with this (because it means that *despite* the Kochs of the world, we’ve still made progress).

@Mistress Cynica: Go ahead. Make me cry. Make me sit here like a fool and go boo-hoo. Make me cry hot tears of whatever it is that isn’t rage. Make me be glad of what’s best about the US.

@al2o3cr: David Koch (Dutch dontcha know and not therefor pronounced Cock) is pres of board of the Metropolitan Opera and other big-time cultural institutions (none of which pay me any money). He was recently booed from the audience when appearing onstage to accept the cringing thanks of iconoclast leaders of NY’s art world. What I say is kick em out. And if that means you can’t afford to spend $18M on the bridge to Valhalla (aka Ragnarok) for your next ridiculous travesty of Der Ring (totally fantastic work of breathtaking originality usually buried beneath a ton of craptastic scenery and dramaturgical/’directorial’ splort) then I say: Good. Fuck you. Welcome to the real world. Make do with what you can get for $7M. Tell David:

Take back yer mink.
Take back yer pearls.
What made yer think,
That I was one a’dem girls?

You think the Met is gonna whore itself for your money David Koch when it has all the support of the… of the… oh wait. Somebody? Anybody?

Nevermind. Why should the working class support the cultural fantasies of the elite?

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