Simon Schama on the Teabaggers

My favorite historian:

Sadder, wiser, those of us gathered on the Washington Mall in the freezing morn of Mr Obama’s inauguration can see now that of all the brave, unsustainable hopes uttered by the new young president, the most unsustainable of all turned out to be his Biblical plea to “put away childish things”. He might as well have tried to legislate the word “dream” out of American public discourse. Dreams? Reality? It’s not even close, is it?

And if you haven’t seen Schama’s A History of Britain, shame on you.

An America Lost in Fantasy Must Recover its Dream [Financial Times]

Funny thing is that I have something built for the purpose of making the GOP a subject of ridicule, in a quotable, sourceable way. That’s coming up at 1800 ET tonight — EXCLUSIVELY ON STINQUE.

@chicago bureau: I will avoid looking at in draft form, although I really want to read it.



Bring on US America!!

The only hockey that matters to the lowly Toronto Maple Leafs/Loafs/Boneheads fan at this point, the World Junior Championships. Canada City beat the Swiss 4-1 just minutes ago and now face US America in the semis.

@ManchuCandidate: Yo, Canada?

To paraphrase Bruce Lee: “you have offended our family, and you have offended the North American temple.”

@blogenfreude: It could be totally unwieldly, but it might just work. In fact, it might be both delicious AND nutritious.

The way i see it, the Teabaggers are big cry babies in big boy pants. Idiot puppets for the rich.

Bish, don’t knock the Inauguration…I had a blast with HomoFascist and MellBell on that amazingly cold weekend in January 2009.

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