Ee’d Plebnista Norkohn Forkohn Perfectunun

While The Preznit busies himself fending off the Puritan Left, the Charlatan Right continues its Crusade against the Kenyan Infidel:

Members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus have written to President Obama asking him to correct a speech he gave in Indonesia incorrectly replacing the nation’s motto of “In God We Trust” with “E pluribus unum.”…

“For the president of the United States to incorrectly state something as foundational as our national motto in another country is unacceptable,” said [Virginia Congresscritter and Caucus founder J. Randy] Forbes. “The president is the primary representative of our nation to the world, and whether mistake or intention, his actions cast aside an integral part of American society.”

The judges have to award the point to Forbes: “In God We Trust” is indeed Our Nation’s Motto.

Since, um, 1956. Not exactly “foundational”.

Until that annus mirabilis, Our Nation somehow got along without an official motto. Sort of.

Congress did approve “E pluribus unum” in 1782, but that was for the Seal (Arf!) of the United States — a project initiated on July 4, 1776, and including the phrase in the first draft that August.

(Why six years until formal approval? Well, you know — committees.)

“In God We Trust” had to wait almost four score and seven years for similar Congressional recognition — until April 22, 1864, to be precise.

So, Representative J. Randy Forbes of Virginia, if you want to call “In God We Trust” foundational, that’s fine by us. Because the nation that approved it wasn’t the Confederacy.

But really, we just wanted an excuse to run a clip of Shatner at his Shatneriest.

E pluribus buffoonum? Congress slams Obama [WND]

Origin and Meaning of the Motto Carried by the American Eagle []

History of ‘In God We Trust’ [U.S. Treasury]


These Xtians aren’t any different than the dummies who carried out Stalin’s purges or other acts of political “purity.”

Petty, stupid, ignorant assholes– and that’s their best qualities.

Their understanding of the US America constitution is worse than the Yangs.

Well, it’s another fine day to wake up Republican and not have to worry about what Harry Reid’s got on his mind.

Phyllis and I spent the evening perusing the latest Victoria’s Secret catalogue. Was I ever turned on by all the foxy ladies in their knickers! I’m surprised Ann Coulter doesn’t sell her own brand – Skinny Bitch!®. Imagine how hot that catalog would be! I sense a business opening.


Heh – you said “business opening”. I don’t wanna know anything about the particulars of “Ms” Coulter’s “business opening”, if you get my drift. ;)

BTW, I think the AFA just reached criticality on the “self-satire” scale, as their latest spewage reads like a bit out of the Onion:

AFA: Gheyz responsible for Wikileaks

Idiots from World of Sport

Don Cherry aka Mouth of Hockey (Canada City)

Irony? Works for the pinko commie CBC and one of the highest paid civil servants of all time. (1M + for his senile xenophobic rants.)

Unknown half decent 1B for the Baltimore Orioles, Luke Scott, shocks no one by showing jock tendency to be, well, stupid. Birfer. Probably will now get comparisons to Will Clark, not for bat, but for racism.;_ylt=Anib2n7t52vmnlGvkP_o.C4RvLYF?urn=mlb-292970

@al2o3cr: Was it the Lady Gaga CD that gave Manning away? Those AFAers are like Sherlock Fucking Holmes.

wow, just wow.
i am sick and tired of gayness being any kind of issue AT ALL. just fucking sick and tired. and i have the flu. that’s what i was slurring about yesterday. i’m drinking pure codeine to settle my stomach. huh?
next they’ll be a laying on of hands followed by leeches.
and i’m missing calls because of the fucking internet going on and off. back to bed.
carry on.

one of the best star treks ever, except for when spock and kirk got into a rock throwing fight with abe lincoln and ghengis kahn. in todays featured episode, was it not the commes against the yangs or some sort? wasn’t a fellow name kane-dee mentioned as well? i never considered myself a trekkie but if any of you do, did, or were, please refresh my memory on this episode. also, i will never understand why the newer star treks are always on some channel, but never the original, not even on tv land. i’d like to spend my days on the couch, high, watching original star trek, daniel boone (fess parker), combat, rockford files, original hawaii 5-0, have gun will travel (run away if richard boone calls you friend, he don’t mean it), jacques cousteau, emergency, jed clampitt, green acres, six millon $ man, mannix, gomer pyle and a few others i can’t recall just now. that would sure beat 9-5 and thinking about this fucked up world. i’d rather watch walter cronkite re-runs than todays fucked up news.

@jwmcsame: was it not the commes against the yangs or some sort?

The Yangs and the Kohms, filling in for Yankees and Commies. Good memory!

Shatner going “We… the… PEOPLE!” ranks with Rocket Man for his best line-reading ever.


I sense a business opening.

a skanky smelly one

@Benedick: I wish you wouldn’t put the words “Ann Coulter’s” and “opening” so close together in a paragraph this early in the morning.

/funny nooz/

Kathy Griffin called Bristol Palin “the white Precious.”



“I hope the guy who just saved my ass wasn’t just saving it for later.”

-Stephen Colbert on DADT

@¡Andrew!: My favorite quote from the DADT soldier interviews:

“We got a gay guy in our unit. He’s big, he’s mean and he kills a lot of bad guys.”

@nojo: shatner could have been a serious actor if not for the hokiness associated with capt kirk. just like buddy ebsen and andy griffith. anybody ever seen “face in the crowd”?

@nojo: brando in apocalypse now. they train their men to drop fire on people, but won’t let them write fuck on their airplanes because it’s obscene.
the hoooooooooooooooorror

@jwmcsame: Just watched Face in the Crowd a couple months back, after Keef kept referring to it.

And yes, Shatner had a Serious Start, but how long would that career have lasted without Trek? I don’t think he was that distinguished beforehand.

And Brando? Well, y’know, islands don’t pay for themselves.

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