Apparently, Duffy is very big in Europe – am I lame because this is the first I’ve heard of her?  What a voice …


Where have you been? That song came and left the charts in my podunk town last year. She’s now using it to sell me everything from cable tv shows to household cleaning products.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: I know … I am pathetic. Would you please email me when a song like this comes out?

So, I saw Arcade Fire on the Daily Show last week. Was I supposed to be impressed? Besides by the height of the lead singer?

@nojo: Heh. Glad I’m not the only one who had that reaction. I was also fixated on the lead singer’s weird retro-80s hairdo of shaved on the sides and floppy on top.

Somewhere in the neighborhood, Abbey Lincoln died Saturday night, at 80. I swear, jazz singers don’t fully mature until they’re at least 50.

Is this Hillary Duff/Miley Cyrus/Etc.?

@JNOV: She’s NOT Stormy. That’s the important thing.

Well, she’s blond.

But she’s not as pneumatic, and she has talent.

That’s a big MWAH to you, dear blogenfreude!

@nojo: People are going nuts about them. I know one of their older songs Wake Up. It sounds a little like Polyphonic Spree and Radiohead.

Okay. I need a cheddar sammich. No more naps!

@blogenfreude: I’ll try. Are you familiar with Adele? I think she won a Grammy for her debut album.

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