7.52pm Applause and Cheers: Gordon Brown arrives at Labour Party headquarters to applause and cheers from staff and political figures there. He produces an actual smile — not the rictus grin to which we’ve become accustomed.” [Times UK]


So is it gonna be Cameron or Clegg? Or is Clegg gonna dance with whomever ends up being the new Labor leader? And do any of them have PMILF potential? Blimey!

Aaaand it’s Cameron. *gasp* Conservatives in power! Lucky for UK their conservatives are still way, way to the left of our conservatives…and most of our liberals, for that matter.

It’s being noted that Cameron makes a dozen PMs for the Queen.

Her first? Churchill.

@Original Andrew: Clegg will be Deputy PM and has definite DPMILF potential, IMHO. Although a three-way with Cameron would not be entirely out of the question.

@flippin eck: It’s amazing much less horrible it seems when you take away the religious craziness and ladybits control.

@Mistress Cynica: Dave Cameron has hatefuck written all over him.

@Mistress Cynica:

Conservatism is, at it’s root, not a bad set of ideals: Preserve our resources, both financial and physical; protect and nurture the family unit; protect the country and be prudent in the interpretation and application of the Constitution. While I wouldn’t have agreed with Goldwater on a lot of issues, the conversation would have been reasonable and polite had we sat down to talk politics.

What we are dealing with now in the American right-wing is a set of crypto-fascist ideas masquerading as the reasoned and serene conservative voice from the fifties and early sixties. And while it is easy to make fun of a term like “crypto-fascist”, I think it is dangerous not to recognize that this is who is running the current crop of movement conservatives. Slippery-slope fallacy notwithstanding, this group needs to be removed from the levers of power and put back into the shadows where they belong.

@Original Andrew: According to the Beeb, the “telegenic”, “multilingual” (doesn’t that sound dirty?) Clegg “is probably the first senior British politician to give a public tally of his sexual conquests, having admitted in an interview that he had slept with “no more than 30” women.
On another occasion, he said he was not an “active believer” in God – another subject leading politicians tend to to avoid, while he has also explained how, as a 16-year-old exchange student in Munich, he was sentenced to community service after setting fire to a collection of rare cacti.”
I’m in lurve.

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