Some of My Best Friends Are Assholes

Ana Marie Cox is taking pictures and tweeting from the DC Tax Day teabagger protest: “I just saw a black person! He says he’s here just [to] observe. ‘I do not support this.'”

Ana Marie Cox [Twitter]

Teabaggers: Might be armed, more educated and richer, but still retarded.

Tea Party in LOVE Park in Philly! Pictures up on FB.

Sarah Palin: 129,752 followers. Ana Marie Cox: 1,486,005 followers.

Regarding teabaggers, I just sent my blood pressure up considerably by listening to KPCC this morning – three or four teabaggers as guests, all trotting out total garbage, with no reality-based pushback from Larry Mantle.
Where, exactly, is all that liberal media bias again?

@Jebediah: I forget who brought it up again recently, but the much larger Iraq War protests didn’t get near the loving coverage as teabaggers.

Yeah – one of the callers who got through mentioned that the immigration protests, also larger, got similarly short-changed. Larry hemmed and hawed a bit and tried to blame it on HCR “taking all the air out of the room.”
He also had time to chide listeners who were commenting on their AirTalk page about making “derogatory comments” about the teatards.

@Mistress Cynica: I believe the tradition calls for a year, my dear.

@Prommie: I hope for Mrs Prom’s sake you’re not at half staff for that long.

@Mistress Cynica: Quite the contrary, honoring her memory requires ceremonial pestorking.

The melanin enhanced folks we saw at Love Park were having a serious case of WTF? as were many of our lighter brothers and sisters. Maybe there were 75-100 people there. We’re headed back that way now. Will return and report. Oh, and I kept yelling to Jr, “See any racist signs?” I got some serious side eye for that.

@Mistress Cynica: Yup. We’ll miss Type O Negative singer and bassist Peter Steele.

Type O Negative, “Love You to Death”

And here they are doing a Goth-y/metal version of “Cinnamon Girl”.

I’ve got to fight these twits in traffic this afternoon near the state capitol just so I can get to school, but it’s a public university which means that I’m learning about SOCIALISM.

@rptrcub: There are those of us who are self-employed in Private Enterprise who just had to fork it over big time to The Man. May you enjoy all the pleasures and benefits of a public education, to the extent an RML dollar floats your way. And to Beesko, our employee in Lotusland. May Dodger win a big one against the federales and take home a big fat check under the Equal Access to Justice Act or from the federal judgment fund. May the DOJ and the USGS (love those maps) dump a plane load of caish on SFL, etc . . . may the gates open for grants to artists, writers, actors, playwrights, knitters. A lot of my tribal clients will benefit from federal appropriations, grants, and contracts, which in turn will help keep me in gin, lift tickets and ammo.

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