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maoteresaWhen you think of communist leader Mao Tze Tung, who else is the first person to pop into your head? That’s right: Mother Teresa. And the converse, of course, is also true. When I think of Mother Teresa, images of Chairman Mao just naturally pop into my head.  The association between these two leaders is simply inescapable. So it’s more than understandable that when an Obama Administration official compared the two figures in a speech, the right-wing blogosphere and Fox News’ Glenn Beck went ballistic, correctly inferring that there was no irony intended by White House communications director Anita Dunn when she cited Mao and Mother Theresa to drive home a point about doing “things that have never been done before.”

The first to fly into a righteous fit of patriotic rage was the right-wing tearmaster Glenn Beck. Taking a few minutes out of his busy flu-vaccine scaremongering, Beck played a brief clip of Dunn’s speech and howled at just how inappropriate it was to worship at the feet of Mao Tze Tung –as Dunn clearly does, given that she’s memorized a whole entire quote of his and can recite it from memory at cocktail parties and in the speeches she gives. Of course, skeptics might wonder why Beck took Dunn’s comments at face value when the church audience she was addressing broke out in laughter at the comment.  But never mind. Beck was once a stand up comic. He knows funny. The audience clearly does not, laughing inappropriately at totally serious praise for a mass murderer and his veiled, wrinkly faced, Catholic accomplice.

Well, after Glenn Beck had his turn, Roger Kimball, at Pajamas Media went him one better, savaging Dunn for referring to Mao as a “political philosopher” which, everyone knows, he wasn’t:  in fact, Mao spent most of his formative years helping out with his dad’s landscaping business in Allentown, PA, when he wasn’t out murdering Chinese peasants.

The American Spectator’s Joseph Lawler then weighed in, correctly noting that since Dunn has a vague idea of the circumstances under which Mao made the statement she quotes, she must absolutely be in love with the guy and wants to bear his children, and has probably gone out and murdered a few Chinese peasants herself on occasion. When readers pointed out that Republicans are kinda fond of quoting Mao, too, Lawler notes, insightfully, that the difference is that Dunn loves Mao and mass murder whereas the GOP loves America, so it’s totally not the same.

Don’t count out National Review‘s “The Corner,” of course. Blogger Jeffrey Norman was the first to point out the hypocrisy of those who think it’s OK to jokingly call Mao a “great philosopher” (which Dunn totally did, even if she didn’t actually use the word “great”) but are scandalized that Rush Limbaugh doesn’t want to blow Donovan McNabb.

And what does Anita Dunn think about all this? When interviewed on the subject by CNN, Dunn delivered a four hour scholarly oratory on the greatness of the Cultural Revolution and recited every word of Mao’s Little Red Book from memory, in Cantonese and Mandarin, before unconvincingly insisting that she was just joking.

Serolf Divad is busy guarding America from Shining Path guerillas and their Maoist overlords in the Obama administration.


Well, that would explain why the local ROTC recruiter at Lehigh always chanted “Peace flows from the barrel of a gun”…

Not really a TJ/

Looks like Mother Teresa and Mao aren’t really getting along…


Seems Prommie was right about Christie. Corazine might survive after all… as the lessor of two evils.

The thing is, I didn’t know about Dunn’s comment except a RW nut in my training wouldn’t shut up about the ‘ComIntern’s favorite political philosopher’. Thank you Stinque for keeping me from having to actually watch FIX.

@ManchuCandidate: Don’t know anything about Corzine’s tenure as governor, but he lost me with that “Look ma, no seatbelt!” episode. Still, lesser of two evils is probably accurate.

@mellbell: EGR may speed to his post-game Iggles gig, but he always wears his seatbelt.

those NJ Dems. they may be incompetent assholes but they know how to win elections. the nationals could take a lesson.

@mellbell: He governs as a dilletantish technocrat, Corzine. Not bad, sometimes clumsy politically, mostly seems hand-offish on policy, leaves it to democratic wunderkinds, nothing he has done is the least objectionable.

Christie was a true beleiver republican ideologue as US Attorney, operated the US Attorneys office as a wing of the Rove political operation, a true shit, there is noone in US politics capable of doing more injustice than a politically motivated prosecutor, and he is among the worst.

Its not a lesser of two evils thing, Corzine is an ok guy, I spent a bit of time with him when working on campaigns.

And I do admire the toughness being shown, and the calling out of the republican shit. The NJ Dems are indeed fighting fiercely in this election, and Corzine has gone from hopeless to dead heat, and Christie, fail, epic fail, his campaign has been described by conservative NJ columnists as the worst ever in history.

He bought the job (his brother and family joined together to donate $200,000 to the RNC in the month before Bush appointed him, Bro is a wall street investment banker, and then, what do you know, the NY US Attorney declined to prosecute the bro in his fraud case. Meanwhile Christie spent 7 years selectively prosecuting dem politicians and setting up the Rove meme of “dems are corrupt,” running for gov while a US Attorney the whole time.

Serolf Divad :

You are mentioning some great WarMongers like Glenn Beck and Fox News in this post and others. So I add :

They caused a Big Tragedy, Can they solve the Wars ?? — The Arrogance of Punditry in the Media – The Absurdity of Great Pundits and Sages – Failed and Botched Wars

This is topmost in absurdity. Some pundits in the Media were very enthusiastic about starting the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars. They were instrumental in promoting war and preparing the public to accept war. They were warMongers and War Promoters. The best Jingos.

Now we see a big tragedy, hundreds of thousands of people have died, perhaps more than a million according to some responsible sources. Several Millions of Refugees, including thousands of Iraqi Girls that work in prostitution in Damascus, the daughters of professionals and entrepreneurs of Iraq.

But this is not the end of the arrogance, turn on a TV Set and the same Pundits that animated the Wars, are the only sages that know the answers to the riddles of war.

The same newspapers, magazines, journalists, columnists, that animated the War, and applauded Mr Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld and their Geniurs, are now the best well informed critics and give new answers to the enigmas of Foreign Policy.

Some of their wisdom is so weird as to suggest new wars and attacks on Iran, North Korea, and perhaps some African Countries that may have some guys from Al-Qaeda.

Some of these pundits are rooting for Super Escalation, without any responsibility for “Collateral Damage”, the killing of new millions of Civilians.

Can they solve the problem, if they created it ??

You read their newest articles and you get the impression that they are speaking the same blather and that they perhaps read a new book to see where Afghanistan or Iraq are located, and what is their History.

Because they were very ignorant when they advised War, and they continue being extremely ignorant today, recommending the most absurd solutions to the mess that they helped to create.

Here we see a Great Problem of Lack of Real Intelligence, Real Wisdom and Real Morality.

Some of these people may receive funds from a big corporation with economic interests in War, or may be in a Foundation that is funded by the Military Industrial Complex, or by contractors. In all cases they receive money, benefits and perks for their “Wisdom”, “Knowledge” and “Intelligence”.

Do people continue believing in those that have miserably failed in their assesments and predictions about the course of war ??

More Foreign Policy :

Vicente Duque

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