Upstate Teabaggery

Insanity in my very own state:


If there is one group of folks that should be less stupid, it’s Buffalo who gets Canada City radio/TV and home to the last scam of Canada City healthcare by citizens ofUS America that I know of.

As a fellow once said: “There are some people you just can’t reach.”

Anyone watching Hardball? Lawrence O’Donnell just made Rep. John Culbertson his bitch. LOD called Culbertson a liar – straight up. It was hilarious to watch.

So in the course of my work, I’m privy to a lot of sensitive, sometimes confidential information…and here it is:

It’s probably no surprise that wealth inequality has reached levels not seen since the age of the robber barons, Krugman sums up the income details on his blog. But the real story is investable assets, and the numbers are simply astonishing.

This industry report by GDC Research isn’t online but I found an article which contains a chart with the dirty info (scroll to the bottom of the page).

Basically, 73.50% of the US population or approximately 82 million households have less than $100,000. Put another way, they control 7.1% of wealth in the US.

On the flipside, 3.23% of the population–only 3.5 million households–own over 54% of US wealth. And this trend is rapidly accelerating.

Anyone see a problem with that?

@Original Andrew: Holy shit. I can’t stop staring at that chart.

ADD: That article also explains why the retirement adviser guy my office uses always makes his secretary return calls to me.


The most incredible thing is that these facts haven’t even entered our nation’s collective discourse even now, after almost 30 years of Reaganomics.


I couldn’t stop thinking about that chart over the weekend, when photos of all the town hall anti-health reform protesters were all over the nooz sites.

It’s like the HNWs (High Net Worth) have mobilized a moran army against sanity.

@Original Andrew: That was the plan, wasn’t it? The first thing out of Reagan’s mouth was that, “These unionized air traffic controllers live in houses with Swimming Pools,” as if it were a crime. To his controllers, only executives and board members should enjoy those kinds of amenities. The rest of us should just live under our shopping carts and stand on street corners bidding on work every morning.

@Jamie Sommers: Larry was the only Countdown sub I could suffer. Guess that means I’ll be catching the 7 ET Harball rerun in 20.

@Original Andrew: Remember, Americans are aspirational. At least the white ones. Substitute impossible dreams of plutocratitude for the NBA.

@Jamie Sommers: On the other hand, Larry could have given Culbertson a leetle more time before shouting him down. I prefer to let out the leash before yanking the chain.

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