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6a00d83451b05569e201157134e0d9970c-320wiFlorida Doctor Who Distributed Racist Email is Tea Party Organizer

Tea Party Leader to Florida Doctor: “We All Have Your Back My Friend!”

Could you have predicted something like this would happen?  Not me. And certainly not by those teabagging patriots!


Tea baggers, skinheads, GOP party members, counter-national-health activists are now one huge seamless white power movement.

TJ, just because ya have to every now and then: http://www.bilerico.com/2009/07/natural_harvest_semen-based_recipes.php

Every restaurant serves semen based recipes. Just give the staff a hard enough time, and you’ll get one.

@FlyingChainSaw: Murrica hain’t never got over that problem we had at the founding, that little thing about slavery. 230 years later or so, and it still completely divides this country along exactly the same lines.

Ugh. Not a fan of white sauce either.

It’s all just coming out in the open. Thrown in the Wall St psychos, you have an epic struggle for the soul (or what’s left of it) of US America.

@FlyingChainSaw: And Birther-in-Chief Dobbs won’t even drop the birth certificate non-story when his boss tells him to.

@Prommie: The problem is now the Adkisson Brigades can get their hands on unlimited supplies of automatic weapons and dynamite – and a major political party’s covert operations crew have the resources and motivations to fund them.

@Prommie: Oh sure, you had to have us try the clam chowder now, didn’t you?

@ManchuCandidate: Do you have a foldout in case the Freepers come for me?

I have an extra bedroom. Hope you don’t mind sharing it with all my junk.

Looks like we’re going to be heading into another election. Just got a call from the local Con candidate volunteers asking if I’d support my former HS classmate. I said No and hung up.

@ManchuCandidate: Another election? Oy.

And thanks for the offer – if you ever need a place to crash in Manhattan, we’ve got a new foldout.

@blogenfreude: Looks like this was sent to fuckface after his last birther segment. I dunno why he just doesn’t start a show called The White Power Hour. The 20 percenters will tune into every show.

TJ- A letter to the editor in today’s Herald-Times (Bloomington, IN) reveals that Susan Bayh, wife of Senator Evan Bayh, sits on the board of directors of Wellpoint. In 2006 she received $324,250 in stock and compensation. That explains a few things. Here I was thinking Bayh’s opposition to almost everything he ought, as a Democrat, to support was probably due to the influence of Eli Lilly and/or Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Doubtless those companies also provide rich rewards to my no-longer-esteemed senator. A few years back the same local paper reported that Larry Glasscock, head of Anthem, was paid 45 million dollars for the year in question. Don’t know whether it was his salary or merely his bonus for that year. Meanwhile, my son, who is a chiropractor, has seen Anthem cut their payments to him (which they always delay by every means they can dream up, many of them quite underhanded, for as long as possible) by 30% and the contract he must sign with Anthem forbids his increasing his patients’ copays to make up for the shortfall. Anthem is putting similar squeezes on all the providers in the area, and the only ones who have even the slightest hope of negotiating for better terms are entities as large as the hospital. I feel quite certain that Anthem is not reducing the premiums they demand from those they deign to insure.

It could have been worse… VP Bayh.

Considering that 33% of what is EARNED in pay in the US goes to the top 5-10%. I’m not surprised.

It’s what I call WalMart Capitalism. Only the top is allowed to make any money. Everyone in the supply chain gets to fight over the fucking scraps.

@lynnlightfoot: Real reporting in a daily newspaper? Wow. Did they call the Senator and asked if that the reason he is sucking hospital cock with suck wanton abandon?

Yeah, Anthem would just as soon strangle your son as look at him. The patients, too. From the company’s POV, America can only have meaning if Glasscock can take home $45 million a year while his customers die swimming in their own puss.

Blogenfreude is, without any doubt, Del Centro de GOP Scandal.

Pour it on, is what I say. Oil, that is, Texas tea.

And then light the match.


Systems can take blame. That is important.

@RZ: Right. The system fucked up. Sorry. No one asks if the system was designed to be looted.

Not that we’ll have a better health care system in time for the full onslaught of swine flu.

@SanFranLefty: Doc Nabisco’s recommendation? Find someone who has the flu now and do a whole lot of hand shaking and sneeze catching. Get sick, recover, and you’ll have defenses for what’s coming this Fall.

I think Jr. had the H1N1 during our summer vacay – fever, chills and GI distress, the last doesn’t normally come with seasonal flu – but the NJ doc-in-a-box didn’t even test him. None of the rest of us got sick, but I’m hoping he exposed us, and maybe even familia Prom, to keep us safe.

TJ/ You guys see this? Another take on the Gates’ incident. I think she’s got some of it wrong, but I think she’s got a lot of it right. http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-303137

Who’s going to stay up with me for awhile? It’s been a shitty day.

@JNOV keeps her O face private: Well, I hate the fact that the MSM meme is that Obama has created a racial “furor” – folks need to get used to him stating the obvious (at least the obvious to non-GOP white Senators from Utah/Alabama) when it comes to race. Of course the drama over what he said means that when the NYPD or LAPD kills an unarmed black man the next time (which you know why I say “when” and not “if”) he will try to say nothing, God forbid FauxNews et al paint him to be an angry black man.

@SanFranLefty: “The sheriff’s a ni*DONG*! The sheriff’s a ni*DONG*!”

@Nabisco: Back in May, the whole familia Prom had bouts with a mild fever, a few days of general achy listlessness, and, intestinal distress in varying degrees. I am hoping we all had it.

@SanFranLefty: Shit, cops have thin skins and hold grudges forever, and feel they are above all criticism. Remember Aamadou Diallo? Shot 44 times for trying to enter his own apartment, next door to an apartment the NYPD were about to storm? Springsteen wrote a song, “44 Shots.” The police here in the NY-NJ area still protest him, refuse to work security at his concerts, this is Bruce, we are talking.

bloggie, “birther-in-chief dobbs” just made me spit coffee.
thanks, needed that.
meanwhile, in addition to telling dobbs to STFU, that asshat klein also told him his editorial comments were his alone to espouse–instead of firing him. ugh.

@baked: Dobbs and Pat Buchanan should get together for a show … can you imagine the bile?

@blogenfreude: @FlyingChainSaw:
here’s what’s so scary. for klein and his ilk, it’s all about, isn’t it always about–let’s say it together chidrens-the money. which means there is an enormous demographic of stupid, and an enormous amount of advertising dollars to warrant risking the reputation of the entire organization.
we are, in fact, surrounded by idiots.

@baked: What is your take on whether the Idiot Quotient (“IQ”) is higher in Israel than in the US of A?

@Dodgerblue: From what I read, Israel has a fundie problem worse than ours. And its both kinds, crazy american christian fundies go there and create problems, and they have a Jwish fundie bloc thats powerful and really fundie, in their way.

@Promnight: Yes, because the rapture is going to happen in Israel. Both sides think they’re playing the other like a fiddle.

my take on I*? i can’t answer that, here’s why: only the well educated speak english fluently. and i only hang out with them. saves a lot of time. in english speaking countries you have to listen to fools for a few minutes til you realize you are talking to a moron.

israel’s fundies are a smaller group than in usamerica. they get a bone tossed to them on occasion, but they don’t have the same clout.

you are so right sister. they use each other. they put their pointy little heads together for a common cause with entirely different agendas.

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