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Flanagan1Caitlin Flanagan was on WNYC this morning flogging some stupid shit she wrote for Time, and that made me recall the following statement:

“The Democratic party has no room for someone who opposes gay marriage, and the Republican party has room for people who support it, and that’s why we’re in Iraq.”

Caitlin Flanagan
The Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC
April 20, 2006

She is the Amity Shlaes of the social sciences.  Dumber than a bag of hammers.


Also dumber than said hammers are California’s Governator and the Sacramento assclowns who have just balanced our budget on the back of schoolchildren and the poor.

@Dodgerblue: I reiterate last night’s rant and then some as I read the details of the budget. Good luck to Bass and Steinberg in getting the rank and file Dems to vote for this.

Isn’t she the dingus who peddled a book about loathing working women and especially those with nannies, and then discovered that she, a stay at home mom, used nannies, too?


@ManchuCandidate: And yet Lehrer keeps having both her and Shlaes on his NPR show. Not that people with views other than mine shouldn’t be on NPR, but can’t they at least get people who don’t make shit up?

I having a hard time dealing with wingnuts lately. My head gets asplody way too soon, and this isn’t helping.

@Tommmcatt Floats: So I should save a Glenn Beck video I found for later?

@blogenfreude: Is it the health insurance rant? If so, no, run it now please under the headline, “Glenn Beck Close to Suicide Over National Health Legislation? We Hope So!” It should break after ‘Over’ and give you two even decks for the headline.

@FlyingChainSaw: I was thinking that perhaps this douchebag deserved to be featured. Poor Lady Caca.

The Lightning II is dead. Long live the Lightning II.*

*Many involved in the F-22 program wanted to call it the Lightning II after the famous P-38 Lightning fighter and were disappointed that it was called the Raptor. The newer F-35 is the new Lightning II.

First: my mother was a 50s housewife. She was fucking thrilled when the market delivered TV dinners, frozen vegetables, Jell-O pudding and PopTarts into her kitchen.

Second: So nice to see In These Times again. That was a mainstay of my revolution rock days in college. Well, that and whether or not I’d ever get Ingrid P. to put out…

@Nabisco: So dude, whaddup with Roethlisberger?

@Tommmcatt Floats: My head got asploded last Saturday, at the Deli. The wonderful crew I have looking after the place on weekdays when I have to go back to my law-dungeon had told me there was no hot water, so Saturday morning, I went to look at the water heater, suspecting it was something as simple as a pilot light that had gone out, and yay, it was just that. All I had to do was re-light the pilot light.

Oh, but the water heater was in a closet, the little door you had to open to reach the pilot light was down near the floor, and the pilot light was six inches into the bowels of the heater. if you are familiar with pilot lights, they have a temperature sensitive probe just above them, which shuts off the gas if the flame goes out, and the gas will not come back on unless you hold down the valve, light the pilot, and manually hold the gas valve on for a minute or two. And if you release the manual control too soon, the light will go back out. So I am having this kinda fun laying in a little puddle on the floor of a closet, when I managed through expert timing to get the little safety switch heated up enough to open the gas flow, but at the same time somehow snuff out the pilot light itself. Now there was gas in volume flowing, and no flame, so even though it was only a second or 3 later that I re-lit my lighter, BOOM, I got asploded.

Lost the hair on one arm, shortened the hair on the front of my head, and this was really cool, seriously depleted my eyebrows and eyelashes. The ends of my eyelashes still like like velcro hooks.

@Prommie: Double yikes!

@redmanlaw: I’d deploy the defense of Michael Vick, but can’t recall who it was that said “at least he didn’t kill anybody”. Also, I don’t want to get jezzed out of the room.

Ben is known as a woefully poor ladies’ man. A friend was at a post-game party with the team when Roth sauntered over and slurred “hey, wanna go up to Club 7?”, meaning of course his pad. My friend said “is my husband invited?” and pointed to the corporate dude chatting up Hines Ward.


Thank goodness it was just a little asplody! It could have been worse…


I’d figure that jocks who have way more experience with ladies than geeks like me would be more suave than that, but then again I really shouldn’t be surprised as I’ve seen the puck bunnies throw themselves at hockey players so no need to develop suave skills.

@Benedick: Oh yes, many. I looked kinda like someone after the old “exploding cigar” gag. But the burning hair is very stinky.

@blogenfreude: I don’t have sound on this machine. Let’s beat the fuck out of Beck and see if we can get him to respond to an item about his imminent demise.


Glad you’re OK!

(I think the same thing happened to Whoopi Goldberg vis-à-vis the eyebrows).


That’s something that’s always vexed me about this nation: We have a huge, permanent underclass, but they’re not politically active, organized or aware, they don’t vote in significant numbers and they certainly don’t contribute money to re-election campaigns. Consequently, they bear the brunt of every political abuse. How bad would things have to get to change that? (i.e. Congress paid off Wall Street to the tune of more than a trillion bucks and never suffered any consequences).

TJ/ More vintage stupid…

Better than a Ambien.

TJ2/ Did the Daily Show read Prommie’s animal Pron?

@Original Andrew: Bread and circuses. Superbowl and NASCAR racing. Cheap, crappy beer. Etc.

@ManchuCandidate: I almost posted on that … probably more unfilmable than Tristram Shandy. Still, it’ll be a Paultard fapfest.

Isn’t it automatic for Paultards to fap at merest mention of Rand in the media?

@ManchuCandidate: I never did like Charlize Theron, ever since she started that fad, “ugly is the new retarded.”

@Prommie: This is the beginning of the end, Prommie. Now you’re going to get addicted to painkillers and plastic surgery. You’ll end up in a downward spiral of perverted sex, lavish spending on sequined military jackets and carnival rides, and germaphobia the likes of which would make Howard Hughes look sane. Oh, the tragedy!

@Jamie Sommers says take this job & shove it!: Don’t forget the part where his hair catches fire while filming a soda commercial.

@Prommie: Holy fucking shit, I hope you’re alright, Prommie. I’ve been so absent from here lately.

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