Touring Car Racing

Since Mistress Cynica likes Inspector Morse’s Jag, here’s a bit of Richard Hammond driving one that’s been race prepped.


A thread about sport, perfectly suited to a shameless plug for the Stinque Second Chance Loser Pool! To those who missed the first go-round, just mosey on over to Yahoo! Sports, join the Stinque group (ID and password in the upper right-hand corner), and enter your carefully considered picks before 7 pm on Thursday. And may the best Stinquer win, whoever she may be.

@Mistress Cynica: By “prepped” they mean a roll cage and the back seat stripped out to save weight. Nothing like NASCAR b/c it’s all pretty much stock. Maybe a smaller steering wheel, maybe non-stock wheels and tires, but nothing more. The engine they raced with is the one the car came with. What fun!

“She” covering the girls and the ghey boyz, right? I don’t want to count Comandante HomoFascist out yet.

@SanFranLefty: Oh hon, I am toast, at least in the first one.

When do the Shriners jump out?

Somehow, I am reminded of SFL’s comment on octo-mum. “The vagina is not a clown car”

Just thinking of that makes me smile. :)

I love “Top Gear.” And can I get me one of those 500 bhp Cosworths? Would be very useful around L.A.

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