Restore Science!

Not cynics, Barry. Ideologues. You already won over most of the cynics.

@ManchuCandidate: He had to shout out – he was sworn in on a work of fiction.

An Inaugural Poem:

Elvis was a hero to most
But he never meant shit to me you see
Straight up racist that sucker was
Simple and plain
Mother fuck him and John Wayne
Cause I’m Black and I’m proud
I’m ready and hyped plus I’m amped
Most of my heroes don’t appear on no stamps
Sample a look back you look and find
Nothing but rednecks for 400 years if you check
Don’t worry be happy
Was a number one jam
Damn if I say it you can slap me right here
(Get it) let’s get this party started right
Right on, c’mon
What we got to say
Power to the people no delay
To make everybody see
In order to fight the powers that be

@nojo: Wish they’d had Chuck D instead of whoever that woman was.

All the Cynics in the house c’mon and lemme hear ya say “ho-oh!”


If tha ground has shifted beneath your feet, lemme hear ya say “ho ho, ho ho ho!”

When Shrub gets on the chopper, all his minions will be clinging to it.

I just got back from the campus observance of the inauguration, where the power went out briefly during the middle of the speech. But it came back on, and I was able to listen to the rest.

It still feels weird to think of Barack Obama as our president. But I am so happy that he is.

I did turn my head during Rev. Doublewide’s prayer, and had a smiling reaction from some of my fag hags around me. That’s over with, so I’ma worry about the economy now. What’s done is done.

Mah Hope is restored, though my skepticism is still there, just a smidge.

All hail our new Hot Chocolate Overlord!!!11!1!

All is not unicorns and rainbows here on the “street”. I just nodded to a co-worker and said “we have a new president” and she said ‘oh, big deal’. Then I said “well, your kids have a new commander in chief” and she said “[redacted] that”.

Hee hee. Cheney aka Defendant #44503 being dragged into his waiting Zil, er, Lincoln.

Executive One, my furriner ass. Should be GTFO One.


Cubbie! Where ya been? Have you been in the Hopegasm refractory period, chillin’ with Mr. Cub, or both?

Recent Lefty Preznits: Ford, Reagan, Poppy Bush, Bubba.

I suppose I’m alone here amongst fans of the unicorn (if comments on the tubes are any indication), but I can’t help but think that there’s no way he can live up to the hype. Too many assholes and too much greed and cynicism in that building he just took the oath in front of.


@Jamie Sommers:
True, but even if he accomplishes 50% of what needs to be done he will still be a success. Even Barry the Unicorn can only do so much.

/Breaking – ESPN Radio just led with the peaceful transfer of power.

A year ago, I got my firm to rent space to the Obama campaign for the February New Mexico caucuses. Hillz won at the end, but it was an exciting time. Today, the phones went silent for an hour as the inaugural stand began to fill up. My office also began to fill up as secretaries and lawyers here couldn’t connect to the webz due to demand or had older computers that couldn’t handle the feed.

We watched in respectful silence as the Aretha took the stage, as Joe Biden took the oath for the office his wife wanted him to take, as Pastor Doublewide tried to make us forget his hatred for some of God’s children, as Itzak and Yo-Yo Ma played a tune John Williams ripped off from Aaron Copeland, as Roberts screwed up the Oath, and finally as President Obama repudiated the misguided policies of the last eight years and laid out a new course for us to follow as a nation and extended a hand out to the world to join us in a new American journey.

The world is different now. The frame of reference is altered. We’re starting on a long journey, not going back, but forward.

redmanlaw: I’m going to chalk up the flubbing of the oath as an under-the-radar nod to the past.

Seriously: this isn’t real yet. I’m still at work and have the DVR set so I can replay this until it becomes real.

So the W didn’t pardon anyone on the torture? Interesting. I bet Hopey made a deal with him. Srsly.

@Jamie Sommers:

(fingers firmly in ears)

La la la lalalalalalalala…

W: Now he belongs to the Ages (several bottles of Ancient Age. Bet he had at least a pint in him before the chopper even took off).

@Prommie: I would not be surprised, or that pardons were quietly filed and will come to light in the next few days.

TJ/ Has anyone heard that Home Depot is in Deep Shit and that Office Max is about to get the last rites?

@Ewalda: There is no way that this dude is gonna be able to take his irrelevance sober. You can only get so much satisfaction pushing your domestics around. I see an early and embarrassing death.

@redmanlaw: Yagottabekiddenme! Fuck, that would hurt.

Not surprised about the Depot.

Thanks in huge part to the fumbling hands of Jack Welch bumboy Nardelli (Mr Chrysler now) and his $220 Mill payout for failure.

Seems to be a recurring theme…

@Prommie: Looks like specialty retailers are taking it in the shorts overall. Sportsmen’s Warehouse, a small nationwide chain of hunting and fishing stuff, is not restocking inventory and is closing stores even as they are being acquired by a Canadian (?) firm, then there’s all the electronics places, Western wear retailers here, etc. We’ll be left with nothing but general retailers like Sears was back in the day, when you could get a shotgun, golf clubs,washing machine, tools and a dress all under one roof.

A fine JCHiggins shotgun you can be proud of.
A gingham dress.
And a prefab house delivered in pieces on a truck.

@Original Andrew: Mr. Cubbie would be the correct answer. Never been happier. I missed y’all too. I also has teh graduate school classes at night and I’m working hard to study for them. One’s a legal class; one’s a software architecture class. I’ve also been moving and getting all of my stuff out of the suburbs and into the city.

Hey – which stinquers made it in? Sitrep, por favor.

Bush getting on the plane back to Texas.

@redmanlaw: Mellbell made it in, I think HF stayed at a bar, and SFL got turned away after dealing with a security clusterfuck for a few hours.

In other news: Dana Perino and Tony Fratto have dragged the Press Office fax machine into a field and, just now, destroyed it.

TJ: A woman misses inauguration after her home north of Atlanta was incinerated in an apparent arson. Racial graffiti on the fence: “your black boy will die”.

Forsyth County, Ga., is a well-known location where the Klan was active for decades, and where they attacked an interracial group of marchers on MLK day in 1987. The legal beagles may remember that the victims sued the Klan for damages–and won.

I’m sorry to burst everyone’s Obama happy, but folks — we have a long, long way to go.

@rptrcub: We do have a long, long way to go. I think the words Churchill used after El Alamein fit the Obama inauguration perfectly: “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

@rptrcub: May all the hidden haters be driven to “out” themselves so they can receive the scorn they are due.

@Prommie: Somebody just said either Robert Byrd or Teddy collapsed.

@blogenfreude: Update: Teddy and Byrd. No details, other than Byrd had trouble eating, and Teddy had “convulsions”.

@nojo: The apparently Byrd from the emotional impact … damn.

Politico reports that Teddy has been taken to a hospital.

Howard Fineman on MSNBC: Byrd had a problem with dessert, medics escorted him from the room.

A minute or so later, Teddy began having convulsions. Medics rushed in, Teddy wheeled out in his wheelchair.


Ted Kennedy was taken out of Barack Obama’s Statuary Hall Congressional luncheon after suffering an apparent seizure — a few minutes after Sen. Robert Byrd was removed in his wheelchair under the supervision of medical personnel.

“He was there when the voting rights act passed….so I would be lying to you if I did not say that right now a part of me is with him, I think that’s true for all of us,” Obama told dignitaries gathered at his lunch . “It’s a joyous time but it’s also a sobering time..My prayers are with him and his family.”

The pastor delivering the parting invocation offered a prayer for the Massachusetts Democrat and said he had “responded well” to medical personnel.

Byrd was conscious and had been having trouble eating, according to a witness.

Kennedy, who underwent brain cancer surgery last year, was taken to the Rayburn room after suffering an apparent convulsion during dessert, House officials told our Patrick O’Connor.

A police radio picked up a call for paramedics to help someone stricken with a seizure and Kennedy has been taken to a local hospital, O’Connor said. His condition isn’t yet known.

Video shows Teddy being put into an ambulance outside, as Dodd and Kerry look on.

That old minie ball wound that Bobby Byrd got at Second Manassas causes him problems now and then.

Hey Everybody!

Got to catch Hopey’s speech but was in Brand review for the swearing in. Was that awesome or what?

Not to get all snarky and shit, but WTF did they serve for dessert and why didn’t Dick Cheney have any?

@nabisco: As if the day wasn’t surreal enough.

Anecdotal reports from Hatch, John Lewis, and Leahy that Teddy looked better post-seizure, but nothing official from the hospital yet.

Meanwhile, outside: Damn, that’s one sick Caddy.

Byrd officially fine; Dodd — who was at the ambulance — expresses confidence about Teddy.

@nojo: as Dodd and Kerry look on.

Again, all I can think is the following: I would not want Kerry’s to be the last face I saw on earth, and also JK was probably thinking to himself “I’m senior senator from Massachussetts now, be-yatch”

Godspeed, Teddy.

Watching the parade on I’ll bet those Secret Service guys really don’t want him to get out of the car.

@nabisco: My bet was on the last face being an intern in the hideaway office.

Hospital statement, via MSNBC: “Senator is awake and answering questions from his doctors.”

@nojo: “No, Senator, you may not view the dessert menu at this time, nor do we have any port.”

Also, Caddy One looks like a Subaru Forrester. Sorry, but it had to be said.

Byrd’s office now reporting that he was upset about Teddy, not sick himself.

Every Caddy executive limo comes with four Secret Service agents.

@nabisco: So how has this affected the betting line on Caroline’s appointment? Any shift in the odds? Because we cannot have a Senate without a Kennedy in it. oooh, I made a rhyme. Lowery is contagious.

CNN is showing guys dressed in black on top of the buildings that the motorcade is going by. Some have binoculars. I’ll bet they have sniper rifles that the TV camera can’t see.

@Dodgerblue: Invisible sniper rifles, and invisible jetpacks so they can fly around if they need to.

@Dodgerblue: I’ll bet a fair number of them have custom Remington Model 700s chambered in 7.62 or .308 Win.

Hi guys!

Yes, I and about 40,000 other ticket holders in the standing-area “purple section” got turned away at PurpleGate due to some sort of security snafu. Sad I missed seeing the swearing in but it was still amazing to be there.

If you’re watching the parade you’ll be wondering why there is nobody on the sidewalk – it’s because they can’t figure out how to screen people for security.

But I met up with Homofascist at an Irish bar – which had its doors locked because there were so many people – so I listened to the speech on speakers outside the bar and went in the bar and had a few beers with HF. We drank with some others, screamed goodbye to Bush, and walked 20 blocks through the millions of people and all the sellers of the tchotchkes.

Barack Obama will single-handedly help the U.S. economy through the sale of crap with his face on it. HF got a fabulous sequined sweatshirt, I got a t-shirt that says “That One” on it, and I will upload my photos in a bit after I drink some more cocoa.

@Dodgerblue: CNN did a piece on the “counter-snipers” yesterday. Some awesome weaponry that I’m sure RML could best appreciate. When I think about snipers I think of Swoffard’s description of learning the trade in “Jarhead”. Well, I also think about Wesley Snipes.

It was so fucking cold. I had on leggings and jeans, three pairs of socks, foot warmers, Doc Martens, four shirts and a sweater, a heavy wool coat, and I was freezing. All the better I got started drinking with HF at 12.


Not to get all snarky and shit, but WTF did they serve for dessert and why didn’t Dick Cheney have any?

They thought it was Skinny ‘N Sweet. It looks just like Skinny ‘N Sweet… except for the little skull and crossbones on the label.

@SanFranLefty: Well played, Lefty. Has Mell surfaced yet?

We have Obama EXITING THE CAR!

@Dodgerblue: I have more photos on my camera that I need to upload after I have another hot chocolate.
@nabisco: Not yet. I’m at my friend’s house now

Love LOVE LOVE Michelle’s dress and coat. Girlfriend must have 6 pairs of pantyhose on to keep her legs warm.

@Dodgerblue: Your are correct sir!

Lefty dressed for the inaguration.

@SanFranLefty: Glad to hear your report. Any word from Mellbell?

@SanFranLefty: The two of us led a very lusty, drunken chorus of na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye at the bar, and many people joined in. It was a great atmosphere.

@nabisco: Mellbell was on the Mall and should have a more up close account. We all hung out last night but decided to forgo this afternoon to rest. It has been a long, cold day.

Holy crap, the Obamas are walking down Penn. Please sweet baby Jeebus protect them. It’s making me really nervous.

@redmanlaw: Did you see the photo I took for you on the jam thread?

The bleachers are empty because everyone is still going through the Keystone Kops security.

@rptrcub: They walked where they were expected to stay in the BarackMobile, and they’re inside where they were expected to walk. I’m thinking this was a deliberate security fake-out.

@rptrcub: I haz teh Nervous for the next 8 years. Point of conversation of people I was standing in line next to this morning…if prayers help, a good portion of this country is praying for this family to be safe.

Apparently “Dr.” Jill Biden has a D.Ed. Must we?

Sasha and Malia getting out of the First Cadillac. Maybe?

@SanFranLefty: I would be one of those Godless Others the President acknowledged. Which was probably for me the most startling moment of the speech.

@nojo: If there were a god, I would be praying to her to keep this family safe.

And there are the ponies they promised us!

Whew. They made it to the White House.

@nojo: And you thought Dr. Phil went to med school?

I agree with Gore Vidal – DC is a Greco-Roman federal theme park.

The Obama girls look so pretty in their dresses!

Wow, look at those crowds. There sure are a lotta people happy that we’re officially a communist muslin country now.

Little kids with cymbals steal my heart.

@nojo: I’m sure Cubz could fill us in the the ways of Education Administrators.

@SanFranLefty: Cool. Any moccasins thrown at Boosh?

Jeez, I wish I were there. A historic inauguration AND cocktails with HF and SFL? An embarassment of riches, really. The only thing that could make it better would be a threesome with Mr. ‘Catt and Jason Scott Lee…

But still, preeetty fucking cool….

@SanFranLefty: She’s young. Parades can be boring, then uncool, then something to ignore, and finally glorious corny Americana. I’ve got the soundtrack from a classic Firesign Theatre album in the back of my head.

OK, it’s off to din-dins and possible victory you-know-what with the new Mr. Cub. Y’all have fun.

@redmanlaw: I threw a stiletto last night. But that’s not the photo for you. Go almost to the end of the stream for our Native American photo.


I’m 41 and I hate parades. All that fuss for what is, ultimately, a bunch of people walking in a straight line.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: The announcer said that one of the marching bands was a “nonprofit” … seriously – has anyone made money off this nonsense since Sousa?

@SanFranLefty: I saw the sage ceremony. I actually have to work now to prepare for something on Thursday. I have not even billed 0.2 hrs today. It’s just been a big celebration all day long.

How awesome was it when they all did the Hang Loose sign at his old high school band!!

@redmanlaw: Look for the photo of the guy at the end in the full tribal regalia. That was from today.

@Original Andrew: I love a good 9 to 5 reference.

@nojo: When I read her bio on the new white house site, I thought they might as well call the other three “Doctor” too. Juris Doctors FTW.

Aren’t there a lot of parties tonight? I’m going to my book club, for fuck’s sake.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Granted, I’m not going out my way to watch Macy’s or New Year’s. But this parade, in this setting, charms the hell out of me. A giant Declaration on a truck? Unbeatable.

@nojo: On a John Deere tractor, no less.

Oh, hai guys. Only got three hours sleep last night. Will write more later after a nap.

I have this strange thirst for the Pointer Sisters. No idea why.


Someone’s made a video montage of the Obamas to the tune of “Brand New Day!”

Even the most hard-hearted Cynic would have a mind-blowing Hopegasm watching this!

And just think: ‘Bisco and I could’ve been in this parade had FSM willed it so. Alas, I guess it was not pleasing in his pasta sight.

@Mel: Glad you made it out alive! We’re counting on you to be the one Stinquer with the goods cuz you got in close! Go and rest up and drink, and report back when you have some energy and/or are nice and drunk!

@mellbell: I desperately need a disco nap before setting out on the evening’s festivities but I am afraid that if I go to sleep I won’t wake up until tomorrow.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Ooooh, I like how you think. Let me check if my hostess has Kahlua. Irish coffee also works.

@SanFranLefty: Or Red Bull and vodka. That works like crazy.

It does work, but I go insane after a couple of them.

@blogenfreude: I wish I could try that! I’m allergic to the food coloring in Red Bull. DAMMIT!

@ManchuCandidate: I don’t drink them anymore, but I was limited to one when I did.


The Freepers are whining about the amount of litter left by 2 million people on the mall.

Tsk.Tsk. Tsk.

@Dodgerblue: There are many. Pick one or more, or none, and address your petitions accordingly. Eaglet says it’s ok now not to be in thrall to a deity.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Saw on Memeorandum that Our Lady of the Concentration Camps has a screed up as has Horowitz. I can’t take it right now. Maybe later.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again:

Srsly? Like they’ve gone all green and shit, and just to be contrarian assholes they’re gonna start whining about this thing they heard of somewhere called the en–vi–ron–ment?

One on the bennies of the ’08 election sweep is a reprieve from having to think about these nutcasetards for at least two years.

@Original Andrew: @blogenfreude:

It is a schadenfreude feast, however….mmmm, pass the gloat sauce, please…

@Tommmcatt Yet Again:

While it is prudent to urge caution–given that we’ve seen how quickly political fortunes can change–it would be immensely satisfying to tell people like the Freepers to get down and wrap their lips around that thick, baseball bat-sized Hope kahk.

Start suckin’, neofascists.

@Original Andrew:

Bwahaha! And don’t forget to call him “Sir”, bitches!

Q: Was Michelle wearing body armor today? My office manager want to know.


@redmanlaw: She must have either been wearing multiple layers of stockings and something underneath, or that thing was self-heating. She looked ready for Easter, not January.


I know, right? My first thought was “Big Bird”….

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: It was the green gloves that I didn’t love. They made me nervous, fashionistically speaking.

Yeah, that’s a word. To me.


This has probs been posted on dozens of websites and everyone’s been watching it forever and ever, but someone has brilliantly redone The West Wing credits with Obama and team. Enjoy!


I know, and I can live without Toby, Josh, etc., but that Robert Gibbs is no kickass C.J.

@Original Andrew: I saw Dana Perino last week on Jon Stewart, and it was the first time I heard her speak. I was like, oh come on, they need CJ!!! Who is this little chippie?

OMG I HATE HER DRESS. She looks frumpy or pregnant. And it’s bleeding glare like hell on TV.


Perino was a deceitful, mindless propaganda spouting milquetoast, and C.J. would have had her for breakfast.

@Original Andrew: Yeah, she reminded me of that one journalist who CJ spanked, the one who said CJ kept changing her clothes all night. Actually, hahhahah she actually looked like her.

@RomeGirl: I heart CJ. She is 6-1; I could hug her without bending over!

@blogenfreude: We got a new president, its all hopey now, except now that Bush is out of office, the media is reporting the state of the economy. Our entire banking system is bankrupt, every business in America is going out of business, everyone’s 401-k is worthless.

Obama is a brave dude to even want to come in and try to be president after Bush destroyed the world. Goddamn them those fuckers, god damn them all to hell.

@redmanlaw: @RomeGirl: i thought she was marvelously well dressed. It looked like classic Givenchy. Very well cut and a very flattering color. It also suggested the kind of state dress the Queen is given to wearing to such little effect. A crust of texture that was rich and flattering. On a scale of one to ten I’d give it fifteen.

I was in the city all day. Actually witnessed Roberts messing up the oath in the Pottery Barn on Broadway. Watched the recording of the PBS version and mentioned my observations as regards the new first lady’s wardrobe to the OH who told me not to be such a fag. So there you go.

I’m smokin’ Hopium.

@Promnight: I’d heard something about that.

I heard that Pelosi has told Obama that she doesn’t think it’s a good idea to let the “Loyal Bushies” off the hook. Go Nancy.

@Benedick: Pottery Barn in the West Sixties? You should have dropped by.

@Benedick: I’ll leave couture to the couturians, but damn, dude looks good in white tie.

@blogenfreude: You know, I forgot you lived there. I went to meet a collaborator. Even stopped by Circuit City. But nothing Applish.

@nojo: He’s Cary Grant. Very glamorous. And the man can wear a good necktie and knot it properly. Woo hoo! Suck on that you Franch bastards. Suck on it! USA USA.

Wait. This doesn’t make me sound superficial, does it?

@Benedick: Meh – I was probably working anyway. Next time you’re around, let me know. And get a meal at that diner at 69th and Broadway – ask to be seated in Minnie’s section. Good food, good people.

@blogenfreude: You heard about what? A deal between Bush and Obama about pardons and prosecutions? I have heard nothing, but I find it impossible to believe that Bush would leave office without pardoning everyone involved in torture, unless Obama made him a promise. His father was the most shameless pardoner in history, pardoning 11 people who were witnesses in an investigation which would have implicated him. GHWB’s last minute pardons of everyone involved in Iran-Contra was as disgustingly corrupt and brazen as Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre, and its a shame it is still not widely remembered as such.

And, I will not take it as evidence that Obama is fatally flawed, if he did agree with some of the arguments about prosecutions being something that would just vastly widen the dangerous political divide this country has, face it, half the population would never accept it as legitimate, they’d think it was a political thing, and they would feel justified to do the same when they are back in power, and on and on.

And he may just be such an intellectual progressive that he has plans for something like what I see floated, no criminal prosecutions, but some kind of hearings, they’ve been held in countries recovering from civil wars, some kind of reconciliation tribunal, it admits the mistakes, but grants the misplaced but good intentions of those who made the mistakes, and then we go forward.

I am not myself totally allergic to something like that.

@Promnight: I think Obama is smart enough to let Congress do the investigations. If he’s seen as too partisan, the screaming orcs of the right will come for him. He’s a better politician than even we suspect.

@Benedick: I looooved the daywear; it’s the evening wear I’m not in love with. It’s the fitzy things on it. And, she obviously never tried to dance in it when considering it.

Whatever, though, they are so hot. And he said “old school.” He can have any flavor of ice cream he wants.

Has anyone seen FlyingChainsaw?


Do ya think he was sworn in today??!

It would explain so much…

@Promnight: I prefer the notion that Shrub didn’t think about pardons, or rejected them because they would undercut his claim that everything was legal.

@blogenfreude: And yes, the subject is going to committee. Or maybe Holder will gravely inform us next week that evidence has been uncovered that can’t be ignored, and Barry will express sorrow but allow the investigation to proceed. He’s not going to be in front of the issue — the question is whether he will obstruct it.

@Original Andrew:
I think he’s at a conference somewhere in Europa.

@nojo: Another real possibility is he didn’t do it because his father did; he is that fucked up, psychologically. I am sure he invaded Iraq because his daddy didn’t, he has real and obvious Daddy issues.

Now, someone with the amazingly clueless, but arrogant, belief, that pardoning would be an admission of wrong, thats such a dumb fucking idea, and so obviously the product of a person possessed of amazing, jaw-dropping cocksure arrogance, yet also almost always completely and utterly wrong, that noone could ever drive a decision like that but Cheney.

Cheney is an amazingly dumb fuck. He is so admired for his skill in the bureaucratic power game, that people forget that each and every policy and decision which he so brilliantly managed to make US Policy, was disastrously, utterly, criminally wrong. The man never ever, once, made the right decision. He was monumentally inept, in every job he ever held. Its probably why Bush liked him.

@Promnight: I thought it was the commies we were supposed to drive into bankruptcy.

Yeah, but then our home-grown capitalists saw that there is a fortune to be made in orchestrating a national bust-up bankruptcy. Its an old mafia staple. You buy into a business, cheap, through extortion or loansharking, and as soon as you have control, you max out the credit, buy stock and equipment ostensibly for the business but just divert it all and re-sell it, run up huge debts, pocket all the money, then go out of business. Or insure the place heavily and burn it down, same thing, really.

Thats what Bush and his controllers have just done. And they get the added bonus that we fought a war just to make sure the US oil companies still get their take from the middle east. Like a crime family divvying up territory.

@Benedick: I’m with you. She looked lovely today wearing unknown American designers Isabel Toledo (day) and Jason Wu (evening). She just made them. Toledo was freaking in the NYT. She doesn’t even have a publicist.

@Promnight: I love how we Jersey boys were brought up to know just how the world really works. I do take issue with saying that the burning down the business strategy is mafia, though: That’s a classic Greek ploy. The mafia would keep the joint standing but empty, to use to stash the next shipment of “goods”. Or bodies. That way they can keep it on the books as a legit asset/liability, as the need arises.

@nojo: Comrade, you might find yourself in a reeducation camp if you continue to spout that capitalist propaganda.

@Promnight: The mafia uses fire as a stick. Remember when the A&P stores wouldn’t play ball? Their distribution warehouses started to mysteriously burn down.

Well, either everyone but me is enjoying themselves in celebration, or everyone’s sick of my crap and is freezing me out. Either way, I’m done for tonight.

I wasn’t such a fan of Michelle’s pom-poms on the dress, but FSM knows that if anyone can work a white dress with tennis sock pom-poms, it’s my girl Michelle. Meanwhile, I am going to send Nojo and to the stinque jam the most fabulous image ever. Imagine the 7 horsemen of the apocalypse. Led by Ice-T, Bob Marley, MLK, Obama, Prince, and Tupac. It’s pretty fucking cool. My friend took a picture of it on her walk to the Mall today. I hope Nojo uses it for tomorrow.

@Ewalda: I have enjoyed your input immensely, we have got to get together, you know the North Jersey ways better than I do. I didn’t want to bring in the greek side of business in NJ. I didn’t grow up in those neighborhoods, I know this shit from representing these fine businessmen, being their lawyer.

Just one thing to point out: Donald Trump is the absolute master of the mafia business plan, run up debts, play out your creditors, use shit lawsuits for even further delay, and then declare bankruptcy. Knowledgeable people do not do business with him, except on a COD basis.

But just know, I appreciate your comments, I know a little, enough to know that you know a lot, about the mediterranean business mindset, and how really, it is the same model used by the powers that be.

Its the problem with speculation, as opposed to investment. People who invest, want to see a productive business succeed. People who speculate want to get in cheap and get out fat, and who cares if it all falls to shit the next day, in fact, they can make even more if they run it into the ground and ensure that it crashes the next day, as long as they can profit the gains and lay off the losses on some sucker.

@Ewalda: “I do take issue with saying that the burning down the business strategy is mafia, though: That’s a classic Greek ploy. ” Also known as “Jewish lightning.”

Maybe I’m off my game since Rungay hasn’t been on teh teevee for a while now, but I thought Michelle’s white dress was stunning, pom-poms and all. She looked about 7 feet tall in it, and it was an absolutely perfect counterpoint to Barry in his debonair white tie. But maybe I’m just biased because I was literally seeing them in soft focus last night: My vision was pretty blurred with tears as they danced to Beyonce (who also looked fabulous and was even fully clothed) singing At Last while they danced at the Community Ball.

Also, the best laugh out loud moment for me during the ceremony yesterday (and for all my coworkers watching in the conference room at work) was when Walrus Warren over-pronounced Malia and Sasha’s names as if they were the most exotically ‘furrin names evah.

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