Bank Transfer Day

Remember. remember the 5th of November:

Bank of America is raising its fees. Citibank is raising its fees. Chase destroys lives. What’s a frustrated, checkbook-owning 99 percenter to do? An LA art gallery owner has a suggestion: On November 5, celebrate Bank Transfer Day and ditch your corporate bank.

Didn’t work out so well for this Shittybank customer:


Everyone, get thee to a state-chartered credit union with FDIC insurance.

On your way out of Bank of America, take a shit on the manager’s face and make Jesus laugh.

in Philly, I notice all the Wells Fargo signs. With Sport in the tanque here, did they sell the Wachovia center as well?

Listen to FCS. I did as he suggests and am more than happy with the result.

@: SPORT IS NOT IN THE TANK! er, yeah.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: Sure, why not? Banks are open on Saturdays, till one p.m. anyway, and it’s the one day of the week the larger number of people have free to sit around in a bank waiting to see the “customer service” person.

@Benedick: How did the branch manager react to you taking a shit on his face?

Note to those interested in transferring accounts without a great deal of fuss: ACH transfers. You’re welcome.

It just occurred to me that the Supreme Court, starting with whichever incarnation of it declared corporations to be persons, has made a fundamental error. Corporations are vampires, not persons.

Maybe zombie vampires, even. (I’m not clear in my mind about the salient characteristics of zombies.)

@lynnlightfoot: Indeed. They suck the blood out of the working class, aka the wealth creators, and transmute it into gold for the executive suite.

@IanJ: I havent been inside a bank in ages. My credit union had telephone banking more than 20 years ago.

CDC’s Zombie Comic Book

Navajo shapeshifters, or skinwalkers:

“Often, Navajos will tell of their encounter with a skinwalker, though there is a lot of hesitancy to reveal the story to non-Navajos, or to talk of such frightening things at night. Sometimes the skinwalker will try to break into the house and attack the people inside, and will often bang on the walls of the house, knock on the windows, and climb onto the roofs. Sometimes, a strange, animal-like figure is seen standing outside the window, peering in. Other times, a skinwalker may attack a vehicle and cause a car accident. The skinwalkers are described as being fast, agile, and impossible to catch. Though some attempts have been made to shoot or kill one, they are not usually successful. Sometimes a skinwalker will be tracked down, only to lead to the house of someone known to the tracker. As in European werewolf lore, sometimes a wounded skinwalker will escape, only to have someone turn up later with a similar wound which reveals them to be the witch. It is said that if a Navajo was to know the person behind the skinwalker they had to pronounce the full name, and about three days later that person would either get sick or die for the wrong that they have committed.”

The wikipedia article is not bad. The above story is typical of some I’ve heard from my mom and others. When I was with legal aid out on the rez, a family came to me seeking help because they were “being witched” by another person in their extremely remote community. I told them that there really wasn’t a legal solution to their problem and suggested the alternative dispute resolution process in which people seek the assistance of an elder to talk things out.

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