Because There’s Absolutely No Crime Whatsoever in the Bible Belt

“You show me somebody who falls in love with Jesus, and I’ll show you a person who won’t be a problem to society.” —Bay Minette, Alabama, Police Chief Mike Rowland, explaining the town’s new program allowing nonviolent misdemeanor offenders to go to jail or go to church. [TPM]


T/J: If my feeble skills at legal analysis are serving me, Dodger and the associated forces of good have won a huge victory over the perfidous trucking trade association.

Dodger should be the one to explain this. I just wanted to offer my congrats.

@Walking Still: I love dodge in all kinds of inappropriate ways but I am either going to need someone to explain that to me, pictures of truckers, or both. But yay, dodge!

@Benedick: Thank you, gents. Yes, we made some polluters cry today. The issue is who will pay to clean up the truck fleet that serves our So. Cal. ports but is poisoning the mostly Latino, working-class communities near the ports with diesel exhaust, a known carcinogen. We say, the trucking industry. They say, whattya mean, everything is just fine the way it is. Econ nerds will recognize this as a classic negative externality, which we just shoved down their lying throats.

@Dodgerblue: Well-done! You’ve earned that Shelly-O/Lefty threesome!

@Benedick: There there.

@ Dodger: Woot!! Now if someone could do something about the September smog over El Ay….

@Dodgerblue: Manly hug with nothing touching below the chest. Good for you. Proud of you. Can you now come address the trucks belching black smoke along RT 28? Also, pics of truckers?

@Dodgerblue: Woo hoo! Congratulations. Way to stick it to the Man.

@Benedick: There is a union issue here, you may be interested to know. Part of the plan, disapproved by the court, would require the trucking companies to hire their drivers, rather than treat them as so-called independent owner-operators. The Teamsters have a strong interest in this because they can’t organize owner-operators — that would be an anti-trust problem. I spoke at a couple of Teamster rallies about the plan and the litigation which, for a lawyer, was over-the-top fun.

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