Merch …

So I ordered the Stinque water bottle (made in Switzerland!) and it’s here! And it’s quality gear! And what does it say?

“If  it smells, you’re drinking it!”

And on the bottom? Can’t put it in the dishwasher ….

So order some swag already – we have to keep the lights on around here.


Forgot about the custom slogan.

What’s the story behind the blog’s name?

@JNOV knows Dick: No story. Just a night spent trying to come up with a simple, clever domain name. I may have had “Suck” in the back of my mind.

@JNOV knows Dick: Actually, the story is what prompted the search, not the result. Greg had sent me a mockup of the new CP design. I sent back a critique, noting in particular that recent comments were buried low on the page. (It was also fucking ugly, but I was being polite.) Greg replied that it was a done deal.

The tone of his reply deeply upset me, and later that night I decided I needed a Plan B. The name, domain, logo, maybe even an initial homepage sketch followed — I don’t think I finally got to sleep until 4-ish. I hadn’t yet committed myself to it, but I wanted the fundamental pieces in place.

And then the CP database broke down, which forced the issue…

I like “Suck.” :-)

Hey — dancing folks arrested at Jefferson Memorial. Count all the civil liberties that were thrown out the window…

@nojo: Yeah, I remember that. There’s a certain person who pronounces the blog “Steen-Kaay,” and calls it Franch. SMH

Any ideas on what I should throw on JoBi’s head next?

@JNOV knows Dick: was where Ana Marie Cox and other notables made a name for themselves. That’s why it would have been in the back of my mind.

$28 and I have to wash it by hand? No!

But I’m going to have to get Lucy a Stinque bowl. Sweet!




Dry Teat



I ordered the travel mug. Water bottles I got.

Had a great day at the ballpark today. My boys grilled the Fish, 8-0. Thanks to my chemo, I don’t have much of a sense of taste left, but by the grace of God beer still tastes good.

@Dodgerblue: Been hoping for an update. Glad beer is good.

ADD: I think you should celebrate the Dodgers’ win with a spanking.

@JNOV knows Dick:

It’s been dead for ten years. Surprised the archive is still online.

Also, a name based on Suck would have been shamefully derivative. It was more an example of the kind of thing I was after — anything other than a two-word name with a fucking apostrophe.

@JNOV knows Dick:
It was Adam Kokesh dancing and being body slammed at the Jefferson Memorial. Should anyone be alarmed/care?

BTW. Who do we think is in charge of the Palin ‘campaign’ (she’s not running)? Who dreamed up today’s cunning stunt? Who is paying for it all and who is doing her wardrobe and make-up?? And why?

@Benedick HRH KFC:
I don’t think anyone’s in charge of her campaign except “god.” In her mind she’s running. Hey, she’s pretty much the only one who thinks she’s qualified to be preznit.

Paying for it? Not her. The rubes are.

No idea about makeup though.

@Benedick HRH KFC: Why? She has an Arizona house to buy, that’s why.

Also, the clock’s running out. She has about nine months left when she can play coy.

@nojo: She has an Arizona house to buy, that’s why.

So she can see Mexico from her front porch?

(apologies if that’s been quipped before. I’ve missed a few threads.)

ADD: the merch is swag, as the kids say.

@texrednface: Yup. It’s when those you disagree with the most get hammered that people should care the most.

Not good enough. Someone is planning all this crap. Rove? Ailes? Are they filming it for an America’s Got Talent about the preznitcy? I ask about her look because it’s obviously done by pros and she’s painting an inch thick, as if for the camera. And I don’t think she thinks she’s running. She has a contract with Fox which hasn’t been revoked. Which means that lawyers and principals all sat down together to work out her future plans.

@JNOV knows Dick:
That dick got treated the same way anyone else, agree or not, would be treated for holding an pre-planned organized protest at a National Memorial. The issue has been gone over.
He got what he came for a video taped body slam.

@texrednface: Some time, place and manner restrictions are stupid and an abuse of gov’t power. First you said he deserved it because of whom he is. Now you say anyone would have been treated the same way, so it’s cool. The real question is: Should anyone be treated that way?

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