Short-Fingered Vulgarian Continues Quarter-Century Feud

Back in the late Eighties, Spy was needling Donald Trump, and Donald Trump was pretending to run for President. In 2011, Spy cofounder Graydon Carter edits Vanity Fair, Vanity Fair is needling Donald Trump, and Donald Trump is pretending to run for President.

“Best Wishes, Donald Trump”: A Future President’s Letter to Vanity Fair

Somewhere LouSarah* is crying that the short fingered vulgarian Oompah Loompah is stealing her bit on having really petty “feuds” with the MSM.

*Sarah Palin’s former alter ego on Facebook.

I really could care less about Graydon since he’s turned into such an insufferable prat himself, but he likes to tweak the Donald so a very weak “Team Graydon.”

@ManchuCandidate: Graydon and Kurt happily point out in the recent Spy book that they’ve become the targets they used to skewer.

@nojo: “Well now we’re respected in society. We don’t worry ’bout the things that we used to be.”

Whenever Trump’s name comes up I always say, “Who the fuck is Donald Trump and why should I care?

@redmanlaw: good choice. here’s some more glimmer twins:
this one’s been in my car cd player for weeks now. over and over and over because that’s how things are now.

@redmanlaw: one more from mick and keith, covering “bob wills is still the king” by waylon of course. the stones are way more country than they and most others will admit. real country that is, not that nashville pop bullshit.

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