Media’s Systematic Derangement of the Senses Proves Successful

“Passive news reporting that doesn’t attempt to resolve factual disputes in politics may have detrimental effects on readers, new research suggests. The [Ohio State] study found that people are more likely to doubt their own ability to determine the truth in politics after reading an article that simply lists competing claims without offering any idea of which side is right.” [EurekAlert, via PourMeCoffee]


Straw men rejoice.

Perception and understanding is a rare commodity in this world.

On a related point: Scott Walker dropped to the Milwakee Journal-Sentinel a set of compromises he might make so long has he crossed his fingers behind has back.

How many reports of this news would be combined with the fact that he told a “Koch brother” that he would pull this off and then pull the rug out from under the Dems? Unless they are (a) a lefty rag or (b) paying attention? Nary a one, if I have my guess.

And thus might Scott Walker be able to pull his ass out of the fire. This could change the narrative to his advantage. MONITORING.

@SanFranLefty: That’s one way to pay for your education.

I’d like to nominate Mr. Pulkkinnen from this article for “Whinest Douchebag of the Month”, please.

Rich fuckers complain that schools they want cost moneez

Seriously, he needs a clue-by-four:

Some residents argue that the town should be more businesslike, cutting other costs to offset the outlay for smaller classes. Peter P. Pulkkinen is one. A 40-year-old investment banker, he and his wife, Sarah, moved here in 2004 from the Upper East Side and their two oldest children are now in the first and third grades. He wants small classes for them. But rather than raise taxes, he would restrict teacher compensation— particularly their benefits.

This fuck lives in a town where the *typical* homeowner is paying $43,000 in PROPERTY TAXES and has the balls to whine about how paying teachers $118k is “too much”. Sure, it’s a lot relative to the nation as a whole, but it seems nigh-impossible for a teacher to own a house in the town. Fucking asswipes.

I wonder how PPP (I’m pretty sure a douche like this has it monogrammed on this shirts) would feel if it were turned around.

“I want more personal service from my banker too, but I don’t want to pay more in fees. I would rather that the bank restrict my banker’s compensation instead.”

“clue-by-four” love it.
i haven’t been around much, i’ve been getting into fights with friends of friends on FB. fought with a muslim on american sharia and a nun, A NUN, about religion. i was unbelievably rude and she was unbelievably sanctimonious. such fun. oh, and teachers? i’m worn out. my daughter is a teacher, the noblest, most important profession on earth. i can only conclude that their ridiculous pay scale and general lousy treatment, which is nothing new, is the reason the american people are by and large stupid and delusional.
you’re nick(at) gmail, right? i have issues. computer ones too.


nick @ gmail? Yep. Hit me up anytime for compy problems.

source for clue-by-four; those who are pressed for time may want to avoid browsing the Jargon File. :)

@al2o3cr: Oooo. Fun linque. And best phrase of the day. Though I did like “I smite thee with the great sword Cluebringer.”

@ManchuCandidate: Are you kidding, he’d love that. It’s all about him, he’s not being discriminatory. Banker, teacher, whatever.

@noje. Beaudelaire’s favorite song: I’m Always Chasing Rimbauds.

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