Never-Aired Sharron Angle Campaign Ad

How lame is this? And love the token black guy:

They’re like teabagging zombies. And why was this never aired?  Because the ‘adults’ at the NRSC realized this was ritual seppuku.


I’ve seen better locally produced ads from the 70s and better actors at a grade 4 school play. Makes “chicken” for checkups lady seem smart and competent.

If it weren’t for all that “Citizens” United and Chamber of Commerce dough that poured in to help Angle, Angle’s chances would be less than none.

@ManchuCandidate: I am thinking they had to talk some of those extras off their Hoverounds …

I think more talent, planning and money went into the crap I took this morning than this ad.

I’m thinking that was not a union shoot.

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