Iced Teabaggers

Usually I read Jalopnik because of the car reviews, the photographs of old cars, and due to the fact that I’m an incurable gearhead. But now they offer Teabaggers too? Best site EVAR (save this one):

Detroit Auto Show Attracts World’s Worst Protesters [Jalopnik]

Wow – my internet connection has been for shit today – all day – thanks to nojo for posting this.
@Dodgerblue: Jalopnik is normally not political – libertarian if anything – but I was glad to see this. Teabaggery at its horrid best.

They saved the funniest part for last… count on the Lyndon Larouche followers for the unintentional comedy:

Protester #1: Fuck green cars… we don’t need those pieces of shit.

Reporter: Why do you hate green cars?
Protester #1: ’cause we need MagLev trains.
Protester #2: ’cause Green is the new Red.
Protester #3: Green is actually Brown… in that it’s fascist and it’s dead.

Seriously, where do they dig up these nutjobs?

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