They Went There

No, they really went there:


It’s an insult to the mentally ill to call these people crazy.

Watching this repeated over and over on the bank of teevees at the gym this morning at 6:45 motivated me to push myself simply to rid myself of the anger at them of bringing the president’s children into this.

Ah, yes, why would the President of the United States’ children need any more protection than the children of any other U.S. citizen? I mean, it’s not as if anyone would have anything to gain by kidnapping them.

And I like how the NRA blasts the president for increasing taxes on the wealthy while simultaneously calling for the hiring, training and equipping of tens of thousands of new security officers to be stationed at public schools. Because… hey… they work for free, right?

A friend on FB posted something about a splinter group forming up now that’s angry with the NRA for being too willing to compromise. He called it the Tea Party of Guns (although that’s not its real name, I forget the real name). Reading that was one of those moments of having to pause everything and adjust reality’s quantum signature, because it just got weirder and stupider.

ADD: Ah, it’s called the National Coalition to Stop the Gun Ban.

@SanFranLefty: The correct term is “Gun Supremacists.”

There’s a short premiering at Sundance in a few weeks called “Gun” – about how possessing a weapon changes the way you think and act. Should be interesting.

@blogenfreude: i know the feeling. when i was bartending with no bouncers or weapons, i was a skilled negotiator. with bouncer backup, a bar stool leg or a padlock chain in hand i would go straight for the throat or forehead as the case may have been.


As always, Peak Wingnut is only approachable in the limit.

@jwmcsame: No sawed-off pool cue? They heft nicely in the hand.

@al2o3cr: Or perhaps they’ll appear to be frozen in time as they get closer to the wingularity’s event horizon.

@¡Andrew!: Yes, I think this can be derived from Einstein’s theory of general relativity. Compared to a viewer in the non-crazy frame of reference, time appears to slow down as mass approaches the speed of insanity.

@¡Andrew!: @Dodgerblue: And stretched waaaaayyy out like a Gumby doll in a Walmart clearance bin tug-of-war.

You have no idea how impressed I am with your relativity-geek jokes.

@nojo: I would go with black hole jokes, but sensitive people here might be offended.

@Dodgerblue: It would be an iHole in our Apple-dominated universe.

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