Stinque Help


To comment, you need to register. And to register, you need to enter the Stinque Maze.

It’s not that scary. Start by clicking the Register link in the left column, and follow the instructions. You’ll receive an email from the site with a password and the login link. If you don’t receive the password in a few minutes, check your spam folder, or write

Note that while we use WordPress software, we’re not part of the WordPress “network”. If you have a WordPress password from another site, you’ll still need to register from scratch here. Life is like that.

Website Preferences

You’re not stuck using your login name for comments, and you’re not stuck with that gibberish password you were sent. Just use the “Preferences” link in the left menu to view your Profile.

You can ignore most of the junk on Profile page. But you’ll see a “Nickname” entry that allows you to enter something else as your commenter name — type in a fresh one, click Update Profile at the bottom, and then you can choose your new name next to “Display name publicly as”. (Click the Update button again after you do that.)

At the bottom of the page you can change your password. And if you enter something as your “Website,” your name will be linked to that address when you post a comment.

Our Avatars, Ourselves

Tired of your generic digital snowflake? Help is on the way…

Stinque avatars are provided by an offsite service called Gravatar, so you’ll need to set up a free account there to make them work. And when you do, you’ll need to use the email address for your Stinque account. Avatars work by matching a coded version of your address, so no match, no avatar.

You’ll also want a coffee. This takes a few minutes:

1. Go to the Gravatar website and click the signup link to create a new account.

2. Enter your email address — the same address you used to sign up for your Stinque account — and click the Signup button.

3. Gravatar will send you a confirmation email. Click the link in the email to continue the signup process, where you’ll create a Gravatar username and password. (Doesn’t matter what these are — they don’t affect your Stinque account.)

4. Now for your image. See where it says “Add one by clicking here”? Click that, and follow the instructions for uploading an image from your hard drive, or stealing one off the Web.

5. When you reach the “rating” selection, click G, just to be safe. (We display avatars up to R, but we might change our mind later.)

6. Your new image should now appear below the big gray box with your email address. Click the image, click Confirm, and after a moment your image should also appear next to your address.

And that’s it!

Unless it doesn’t work…

Bear in mind that it might take five or ten minutes for your new avatar to be fully absorbed into Gravatar’s system. Bear in mind as well that your browser caches website graphics — your new avatar might actually be “live,” but you’re seeing the old one because your browser has it stored on your hard drive for more efficient browsing. Be patient. Or throw your drink against the wall. Whatever’s your style.

If somehow your avatar still doesn’t work, and you’ve double-checked all these steps, plead your case in the comments. Someone will try to help. After all, nobody likes snowflakes.